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No, Hauling a Basket of Dirty Laundry in the Back of Your Tour Van Isn't Comparable...

- ∆ t (Minus Delta T) - The Project

(1984, Ata Tak WR 21 [LP] /Ata Tak WR 22 [bonus 7"]; out of print.)

Oh yeah... An ethno-avant holy grail and collector scum prayer mat rolled into one deliriously improbable package.


From Mike Hentz' 1983 (?) essay The Philosophical Data Bank of Minus Delta T:

So who is Minus Delta T?

Minus Delta T is a name of a group of people who are not at all uniform, who do not have the same ideas—but who work together. The group has existed since 1978, with a lot of people who were out before they had even really been in (those were mostly the ”specialists”). One of the principles of the group is the non-specialization—we want to be open for everybody and everything.

In the beginning we used to work a lot in the musical area, made performances, exhibitions, we did a lot of private works—maybe fifty-fifty between private and public, which seemed quite a good balance. Since 1980 we are working at this project, which had as the first title the ”Bangkok Project” (cf. the catalogue of Ars Electronica 1982, p. 157/154).

This project included the transport of a 5 1/2-ton stone, a dolmen, a European monument to Asia, as a catalyst of culture. On the truck we had a multi-media equipment, including sound, movie, and photo equipment, computer technology and laundromat.

The greater part of the group is right now in Asia preparing the further transport of our monolith to China (the monolith as such being completely unimportant) and on a tour in India within the setting of the Bangkok Project.

Minus Delta T is composed of the artists Karel Dudesek, Wolfgang Hofmann, Bernhard Müller, Gerard Couty, Walter Baumann, and Mike Hentz.

(Above, Minus Delta T live in 1979. DAF's Robert Görl was once their drummer!)


The Project: Ata Tak 21 (LP)

01 Child of God
02 Muslim Pulse
03 Bugo Schligo
04 Dallas
05 Ata Etno Turk
06 Tripoli
07 Turkish March
08 Don't Cry My Little Girl
09 Bus
10 Dervish Furioso
11 Cedar Babies
12 Damascus
13 This Is My Life
14 Excuse Me
15 Motorhead
16 Traditional Thai Music and Dance
17 Shiraz
18 Malang Dervishes
19 Ventilator
20 Europhorie
21 Waterpump
22 Sava Dikap
23 Concerto of the Laborday / Workers
24 China

The Project: Ata Tak 22 (7")

25 Mastika
26 Macho


(147 MB, ripped from the original vinyl @ 320.)

Part 1 / Part 2




Seceding Between the Lines...

Karl ein Karl - Gramelot

(1985, Unit Records [CH] UTR-4006 LP; out of print; from the Rudolf Eb.er collection.)

(Above, Peter K. Frey of Karl ein Karl.)


Bio (from the Musinfo site):

Karl ein Karl are an ensemble consisting of three musicians with very different musical careers; they formed in 1982. Peter K Frey traversed the characteristic development of a typical jazz musician from swing through to free-jazz. Michel Seigner was, following his classical education, an active composer of film and theatre music who, in addition to his interests in contemporary music, also cultivated a partiality to rock and improvised music. Alfred Zimmerlin, accomplished composer and musicologist, entertained audiences not only with his freely improvised musical performances but also with his contemporary compositions.

Karl ein Karl has remained unchanged in its formation for over twenty years. Its establishment saw the trio radically challenge anew the grammar of the art of improvisation, leading to the development of an idiomatic tonal language. Soon after, however, the ensemble expanded its field of activity to become a collaborative team of composers and, from that moment on, all compositional decisions were made together.


Gramelot was Karl ein Karl's debut long-player.

There's no need for me to blather - listen and reward yourself.


01 Ua

02 Zwei Vögel, schwarnkend auf Tellern

03 Catcher in the Hay

04 Se vogliano ci stiamo

05 Metropolitana

06 Milano-Mönchaltorf-Paris

07 Goodbuy It

Peter K Frey - double bass, voice, trombone
Michel Seigner - guitar, prepared guitar, voice
Alfred Zimmerlin - violoncello


(93.2 MB, ripped @ 320.)



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Got to Scrape the Soundscape Off Your Shoes...

Christian Marclay - Footsteps

(1989, Shedhalle / RecRec 26 LC 7981, one-sided LP; limited edition of 1,000, out of print.)


From June 4th through July 16th 1989 the floor of one of the Shedhalle galleries, Zürich, was covered with copies of a record titled Footsteps. During the six weeks of the installation, people were invited to walk on the records - willingly or not, they had to step on them to reach the adjacent galleries where other sculptures were exhibited. Sounds of footsteps were recorded in December 1988 in the deserted hallways of the Clocktower (N.Y.), and in the studios of Harmonic Ranch (N.Y.), where Keiko Uenishi's tap dancing was mixed in. Over the course of six weeks, more than 1500 visitors walked over the fragile floor and contributing to the final composition by altering the records' surface with dirt and scratches.


01 Footsteps (18:06)

Christian Marclay - Turntables, Production.

Keiko Uenishi - Tap Dancing.


(47.8 MB, ripped @ 320.)



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