Friday, September 13, 2013



We'd best wait until tomorrow to begin flogging the new TLASILA and Rope Cosmetology discs. Things are too crazy here. Paranoid Leather is DJing tonight, wet bags of cement are tumbling from the skies, etc. Saturday is better.

Tomorrow, then!



KSV Bandcamp Revision!

Revised KSV BANDCAMP alert! I've uploaded four additional releases from the autumn of 2009, including the long-unavailable bonus soundtrack to my "Naturally Occurring Black Metal λόγος" book. 

(Click the image. Don't be shy.)

KSV 037-044 are available for free until next Thursday evening. Don't forget to like this post or share / embed / support the albums you download, as etiquette must be observed. Most importantly, as any serious freak can tell you: future music, now. Go.

<i>Approach to Fear: Regeneration</i> in the News!

Hello, I wrote this nearly two days ago but it's fresh enough to still be news... "Not that it matters much in a world so riven...