Friday, March 09, 2007

Don Letts, Stratetime Keith, Steel Leg & Jah Wobble - Steel Leg v Electric Dread

Not insanely obscure, but insanely great... I've never seen this posted anywhere, and of course, no one's ever had the presence of mind to give it a proper reissue (save the crisp transfer of "Haile Unlikely" which appeared on 2004's unfortunately rote Death Disco compilation). Thus, I'm forced to do my part.

Apologies for the rough rip; the customary 320 kbps, but taken from a transcription I'd made on a woeful turntable in the late 80s. (I've very wickedly used the comp version of "Haile" for this upload, as the corresponding grooves on my original 12" platter are bisected by crevasses.) Sleeve pix were taken by me, earlier today. This isn't a NWW list-derived Estonian electro-zeuhl flexi sent only to Soviet submariners and Belgian tax accountants in 1971, but it's pretty damned essential just the same.

Don Letts, Stratetime Keith, Steel Leg & Jah Wobble - Steel Leg v Electric Dread

(Released December 1978 by Virgin Records as VS-239 7"/12".)

Availability: way, way gone.

01 Steel Leg
02 Stratetime and the Wide Man
03 Haile Unlikely by the Electric Dread
04 Unlikely Pub*

* (Beware - you'll encounter a brace of annoying skips at the end of "Unlikely Pub"; please forgive. I really need to make a better copy of the EP. In the meantime, should anyone be moved to supplant this one-legged, half-mad transcription, please, the [frequency] floor is yours.)

(Sorry about the dire rear sleeve snap - I'll take a better one and post it tomorrow. Promise.)


Don Letts, Keith Levene, Jah Wobble, and, depending on the source, either Vince Bracken or John Lydon.

Absolutely no need to remind any of you about the time, the place, the thrust, the conjunction. This was today, writ very fucking large 29 years ago.*

By slathering drunks.

* (Should you ask me, I'd tell you we're still well behind the present...)

(Approx. 35 MB, ripped at 320 kbps, compressed to RAR.)

Get it here.





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