Friday, February 22, 2008

A Refined Shoegaze Aesthetic...

Mark Morgan (Sightings, Maude, TLASILA, Cocaine, etc.) earlier today forwarded a Pitchfork snooze nugget which seemed to beggar credulity even more than their usual, mightily soporific blend of Klaxons/Cat Power/Arctic Monkeys alerts. In my reply, I admitted that the tour I've been waiting for would necessarily demand, nay, lustfully bray for the participation of each of this generation's Faux Division podlings, including Interpol, She Wants Revenge, Editors, and the members of the cast of Anton Corbijn's Control charged with assaying the roles of the former Warsaw. A snarky fucking response, granted, and an event rather unlikely to occur.

As ever, we come to the rescue.

TLASILA - Battle of the Shitstackers: Day One

Round 1:

Editors vs. Interpol

Round 2:

She Wants Revenge vs. Control OST

Round 3:

Control OST vs. Editors

Round 4:

Interpol vs. She Wants Revenge

And, airing out of competition:

Round 5:

Monaco vs. New Order

Round 6:

Revenge vs. Joy Division


(Six tracks, 17.1 MB, ripped @ 320.)



The negative reaction continues tomorrow!


The Four Elders and the Four Storytellers...

TLASILA - The Kingsmen vs. Goldfrapp

"Swarming with a crowd of those old rakehells..."


(Two tracks, 6.33 MB, ripped @ 320; the 26th in our Very Thick and Broad Patch of Haplessness series.)



Cunning Little Hole vs. Drink Into the Entrails,


NRA Pedophilia: Rush-Release Today via KSV!

(Amended 23 Feb 18.) Hi Droogs, The debut EP by Birmingham, Alabama's NRA Pedophilia  has just been issued by Karl Schmidt ...