Saturday, July 30, 2005

Not Quite Bourke-White #5

(The pale paw of Wolcott, on the tear-laden road to Detroit, September 14, 2005... TS was lucky to receive probation for this crime against perspective... Although, wait - I sort of see it. The frame is ideally balanced! Yes, yes, wow, this is fantastic! Jennings? Get me Sue Kismaric at MoMA... Yes, NOW, goddamnit! Christ, this is gonna be big!)

(Camera Two: pulls back to reveal veterinary syringe protruding from Tom Smith's lower lip.)

Not Quite Bourke-White #4

(A confoundingly poor snap [or, depending on the number of bottles of DayQuil you've just quaffed, an uncommonly flattering portrait ] of TS from TLASILA's performance at Rochester, NY's Bug Jar, September 15, 2004. Photographer unknown at present, although forensic backtracking may yet reveal C. Grier to be the target of our sickly-sweet emnity.)

Two New Releases from Karl Schmidt Verlag

Hi Droids, Earlier today we released the KSV debut of Paige Munnings ' Tabletop Hat project, Juxtapositions Powder , and the second ...