Thursday, August 16, 2007

RIP Max Roach...

Read the New York Times' obituary.

Nicolai or Noto-Polyfoto or Nicoulai or Noto oder Was?

What the Hell is this? It was recorded / transcribed from Rudolf's original copy, and I'm just a gnat hair shy of 1,000% positive that it isn't Carsten's 1998 flexi release (with accompanying 16-page booklet) Endless. I was scrupulous about copying pertinent information from the various treasures I ripped from Odin's archive, but perhaps I erred...

Differences: Nicolai was spelled N-I-C-O-U-L-A-I (its Slavic variant) on the sleeve; where the Endless flexi runs approximately 3:30, this untitled piece bores into your doublewide at an efficient 2:30. Endless dates from 1998, whereas this recording is given a 1995 point of origin... I admit the light in Dave Philips' studio space may have been too dim for me to properly resolve an "8," but at this five-year remove I can no longer be certain. CN's early (pre Raster-Noton) label was yclept Noton Archiv für Ton und Nichtton, but I ascribed the flexi (as per printed credit info) to "Nichtron," its title as Archiv für Ton. (The "EV" matrix was common to Evatone discs of the day.)

I'm either correct or totally fucking astigmatic.

Anyone know this long-gone lil' pup?

Carsten Nico(u)lai (aka Noto-Polyfoto) - Archiv für Ton

(Nichtron Flexi, matrix # EV 119560-18T, 7" flexi-disc, 1995)

"Recorded, mixed, and edited by Carsten Nicoulai."

(Above, Herr Nicolai seems equally confused.)


(5 MB, ripped @ 256; positive identity not yet ascertained.)



(Below, for the sake of impious transparency, the Endless booklet and flexi; images pilfered from Discogs.)


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