Monday, March 22, 2010

"Three Words: Not Good for the People..."

Off to my first class of the day soon. I've got German pouring out of my ears (and millions of full-sized Germans oozing from my pores - very disconcerting), and I'm uncertain if I'll slip and break a femur on the test today, or smoke the motherfucker instead. If the former, well, I can always hobble over to the nearest hospital, allow socialist fascist communists (sorry, no Nazis allowed here) to treat me, and suffer the indignity of being charged 10 Euro for killing my mother and destroying our children's children's futures. (Er, not really. Here, universal health care has been in place since Bismarck.) If the latter, cough! I'm an A2, a full-fledged German-speaking neophyte. (And a highway.)

In light of recent developments, a reminder of the idiots who stood in the way of c-h-a-n-g-e Stateside, courtesy of Wonkette.



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