Thursday, February 28, 2013

HAHAHAHA!!! Whazzettskkdioi! Kiiezzshhhwww!! WhachyouknowwhaeyemeanchhezhzAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY!!!

Los Punk Rockers' endearingly erratic 1978 platter, Los Exitos de Sex Pistols, has completely won my heart. "I'M A LAZY SEVEN!" The best Spanglish album in the history of this and the other 665 known universes...

Sludgy Heep versions of Bollocks + dramatically off-kilter vocalist = best math word prob ever!

(Alas, "Problems" is missing.)


I've been going nuts with all this new trap shit, but today I needed to throw the ketamine out the window and return to Alpha Centauri. Los Punk Rockers score giant Space Invaders points with "Bodies" too: "Heyyy-Ay! I'm gonna like them all! BLOODY BABY!!"

Destroy your brain here.

Ciao for now,


Saturday, February 09, 2013

TLASILA - 20130209b (Tim McGraw vs. Decimus)

The central tenet of To Live and Shave in L.A.? That "genre is obsolete" - that categories are mere numbing impediments. Not just for the sake of re-framing perception, but primarily to deflect bias and force connections. To lower or relax our aesthetic guard, thereby amplifying our artistic lethality. There are over 500 of these hybrid collections in the official TLASILA discography, mostly EPs containing four or more mixes. (As long-time followers of these pages are doubtless aware.) Others, like this one, are single-file efforts. Thousands more exist - I usually make one each day, mainly to keep abreast of the folly of contemporary music and mores. Although I haven't been in the habit of posting them for nearly two years (one reckons that enthusiasts have got the drift), some fairly demand to be heard. This mix - Tim McGraw vs. Decimus - was made today.

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