Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Karl Schmidt Verlag: Forthcoming...

Liebe Freunde,

Spring has once again been beaten back here in Hannover. It's a cold, drizzly afternoon, and I feel more like curling up next to the dog than clattering in the kitchen...

Re KSV, one or two of the following may be ready by tomorrow:

KSV 017 Female Reggae Showcase - Kid Traumgekrönt/U-Hölderlin Super-Clash!

KSV 018 Feinkost Lampe: 26 Februar (RK2 vs. Liondialer)

KSV 019 Three Resurrected Drunkards - Begriffsschrift 1999! (2 discs!)

KSV 020 Rope Cosmetology - Spezial: Gedankengefüge (Compound Thought) (2 discs!)

KSV 021 Rope Cosmetology - Diffusion de la rue de la Double Identité (limited-edition, already sold out; a few copies possibly available through Tochnit Aleph distribution)

(Diffusion was created for attendees of Ropecosm's April 11, 2009 performance at Silke Arp Bricht in Hannover. Additionally, Tochnit Aleph received five copies of the album, and three of our most avid KSV supporters were mailed the collection, which documented RC's April 3rd debut concert in Paris. It was thus an edition of 18... They're gone, man, gone!)

KSV 022 Tom Smith vs. Blue Sabbath Black Fiji - Ich werde nicht nackt sein

Obsessively check back with us for developments, seen?

Bad news: prices are going to have to be raised a few Euro. Printing and postage costs are killing me.

I will compensate for your discomfort by raising the quality bar ever higher - these next releases are off the virus-spattered meathook...

Bis Bald,


Less Soot on Vuitton Tour...

TLASILA - De Longue Haleine vs. Vampire Belt vs. Pussycat Dolls

Like a diaphanous steel town, unknowingly depicted...


(Four tracks, 19.1 MB, ripped @ 320.)



Piety defies 300 demonstrators,


Monday, April 27, 2009

KSV Has Its First Distributor...

Tochnit Aleph is now carrying selected Karl Schmidt Verlag releases (including a few copies of KSV 021), so, if one of these micro-editions is sold out here, look for it there!

(Click above for a larger version of the image.)

From left to right: Rope Cosmetology - Diffusion de la rue de la Double Identité (KSV 021); TS - LRRH im Schimmel (KSV 014); Tom Smith - Vampire Weekend Is a Timeshare in Secaucus (KSV 010); Karl & die Leidenschaften - Unnötigerweise Auto-Getunete Klassiker (KSV 009); Rope Cosmetology - Discoteca Festival (KSV 011); and Karl Schmidt - Remediated and Decontectualized Field Recordings Vol. 1 (KSV 006).

Tochnit may also have one or two pocket squares of KSV 001 (TLASILA's Konstriktion und Narzissmus album) still tethered to cracked and battered mannequins. Seek, find, etc.



Following This Blog...

Hello Again,

Any of you using this new "follower" feature? It all seems a bit too Twittery and Facebookish for my tastes, but I refuse to stand in the way of unnecessary innovation. If you got it, use it, and follow us to Hell.

Yours Indecisively,


Late, But Never Never!

The most recent rash of Karl Schmidt Verlag orders has been delivered to Deutsche Post and should be on the wing to Your Hometown, A Nation, Earth. Apologies again to those of you who were wringing hands and plucking nose hairs with pliers in anticipation, but a certain new cabal's daisy-cutter detonation runs blasted the balance of my free time to Svartalfheim. Sufferers will find a free bonus disc (KSV021, Rope Cosmetology's Diffusion de la rue de la Double Identité, recorded at the group's debut Paris performance on April 3 and not otherwise available, unless you were at the Silke Arp Bricht show on April 11!) inside their padded bags o' swag...

New releases on the way soon!

Vielen Dank,


For H1N1 Symptom Completists Only...

TLASILA - James Last vs. DAF

Another contusion, first aggravated in mid-November, now fully fibrous and buffed to a glistening gray...


(Four tracks, 18 MB, ripped @ 320.)



Try not to touch surfaces,


Sunday, April 26, 2009

An Eyesore to Match the Cerebral Desiccation...

Today has been glorious, and gloriously painful. Monstrous hangovers once again are the locus of woe. (The CP and I were among the DJs spinning and cursor pointing at Silke Arp Bricht's Calenberger Pfannenschlag party Saturday night, and although the beer and wine seemed to be safely absorbed by vascular apparatus, the fucking Prosecco sent us tumbling backward in time to unicellular status. Ouch...) Hunger eventually gnawed through the pain, although it must be noted that the paralysis we shared was intensely romantic. Nothing like cuddling with your significant, equally narcoleptic other... Anyhow, we finally made it out of the flat around 14:00 to seek the greasy Chinese fast food cure, and as we hit the garden landing we noticed the stacked belongings of upstairs neighbors. (Their second child had recently arrived, and thus they were headed for a more fam-friendly pasture.) This noisesome canvas, exactly what Hr. Dr. Mengele ordered, caught (and sent scalding meter-long needles into) our eyes:

(Click above for a larger version of the image.)

Entartete Kunst Lives!

Avoid champagne after 4:00 AM,


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bis Dann!

Get your estates in order, sell everything, make certain you're upgraded from cargo to economy class, and meet us at Silke for the big party!

(Click above for a larger version.)

Claudia is DJing, I'll be doing a brief set as well, and everyone will likely be standing outside until 2AM, soaking up the dying embers of the day... Schnell!


Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Blurr Above Ripples (Ill-Fitting Smock Mix)...

TLASILA - Lady Gaga vs. Magical Power Mako

The flowing water closts as with a river stripped from thy shoulders...


(Four tracks, 21.8 MB, ripped @ 320.)



Thy fingers a frosted sedge,


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Nyarlathotep's Tana Leaves Now in Refreshing Thebian Aquifer and Summerian Mint Flavors!

Good Morning,

Things are slowly edging toward perceived norms. The necessities of the Rope Cosmetology sessions and tour-lite, coupled with preparations for my performance at the Sudden Infant jamboree, a crazed work schedule, my birthday (April 10), my one-year anniversary with the CP (April 16), my three-week ESA assignment to monitor glacial gravitational deformations off the equatorial plane of Enceladus (a complete bitch to program on the ol' Garmin), and my continuing inability to manage my time with proficiency have left reading emails, sending Karl Schmidt Verlag orders, conducting background searches on those seeking MySpace friend status, coding website updates, and seeding Ymir molars into the neighbor's wurst garden in a perilous state of non-non-non-ongoing.

I promise to catch up, and I beg your forgiveness. Every droog waiting on a KSV order will receive a special bonus disc. The neighbor will have to wait for those demon teeth, however...


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Astronomy Nerd Update...

It's only a matter of time. Below, an artist's rendering of Gliese 581e...

Live swiftly amid decay,


What Fire Achieved in Ahmanabad...

TLASILA - Anne Murray vs. The Cortege (Version 01)

Ruins of an ancient civilization whose denigrations have long been forgotten...


(Four tracks, 19.1 MB, ripped @ 320.)



Kellogg, Brown and Root,



Cross-posted text from TLASILA's MySpace blog:

Hello Again,

Sorry about the long delay between posts, approving friend requests, answering mails, etc. The Rope Cosmetology tour absorbed every minute of spare time I fleetingly possessed in last month, and after all the guys had gone their separate ways I still had to plan for my performance for the 20th anniversary party for Sudden Infant. And work. And enjoy my life with the CP here in Hannover. So, apologies again, and now, on to the new tracks!

These are cross-posted from TLASILA Blog, and feature occlusions of early Anne Murray (1971-ish) material with extracted segments from Rat Bastard's final mix of what we're all now referring to as The Cortege, Version 01. I assembled the material this morning here at KSV/TLASILA HQ. Download 'em if you like, deform them on your own time, etc. Take and eat, my lil' Christs!



Death to the Saturnian System!

(Amended April 21, 2009.)

The Boston Globe's online edition posted extraordinary views (captured by the Cassini orbiter) of the great ringed planet and her many consorts. Unfortunately, viewer comments were allowed. Number 24 makes me want to blow fucking Saturn to Hell:

Unbelievably beautiful images. And while listening to post-rock the feeling of loneliness and beauty is greatly enhanced. Love it!

Life is too short for interplanetary beauty if Mogwai have to be involved...

Monday, April 20, 2009

Twenty Years of Sudden Infant!

(Amended April 24, 2009.)

Hallo Droogies,

We're back and half-recovered from the crazed "20 Years of Sudden Infant" concert in Berlin. I'm not slathering too much saccharine on the evening when I opine it was one for the archives. Just fucking ramped and vamped on all fronts...

Photos follow below. My megamix of the sounds vomited forth at Ausland may be purloined here and here. They're room recordings from the H2 Zoom, recorded at 44.1, then cross-faded and normalized for your displeasure. Not only individual performances, but audience chatter, DJ selections, awkward silences, and the occasional (providential) impasse...

Thanks again to Joke! Happy anniversary, baby...



(Twenty Years of Sudden Infant: Ausland, Berlin, April 18, 2009... Performances by Ushi Hupe, Family Battle Snake, Christian Weber, Raionbashi, Tom Smith (solo vocal performance), Rashad Becker, Dick Tourette, Jorge Sanchez-Chiong, Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock (non-physical performance), and Sudden Infant Family (father-son performance). You shoulda been there!)

(Soundcheck, Ausland...)

(Getting the projections in order...)

(The place was packed. Fans jostle for the best spot in front of the minimal stage...)

(Stefan Roigk and Claudia Franke chat in the background as the room begins to fill...)

(Rashad Becker, one of the planet's greatest mastering engineers (and a total sweetheart of a human) blabs in the foreground before the start of his set. You can see his synth resonating in the background...)

(More freaks. The room was stuffed with folks from most quadrants of Europa. A few ex-pat Yanks too...)

(Another trio of attendees, anxiously awaiting the start of the evening. Emphasis on ANXIETY.)

(Although most of the performances hewed toward Actionist extremes, straight-up noise was also on the menu... The headbangers up front were flipping the fuck out during Dick Tourette's set.)

(Chaos was the order of the evening - the audience was rowdy and ready to howl!)

(The mysteries unfold. Family Battle Snake unleashes the Wasp!)

(Ushi Hupe squeezes the ballast sac as the night grows ever-perverse...)

(Joke surveys the mob from a narrow perch...)


(The pushback from the mob was always more inquisitive than doltish. Everyone wanted to peer beyond the veil. Except the Brits - drunk as always!)

(From Tilburg, the great Steffan de Turck, aka Staplefahrer. The equally cool Wouter Jaspers lurks behind, growing from the top of Steffan's skull...)


(Complete chaos!)

(More Sudden Infant Family grappling and audience pummeling!)

(Joke and Celeste offer one final, piercing whistle blast before taking a well-deserved bow...)

(Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock's "non-physical" performance... Tick tick tick tick tick tick KER-THUMP!)

Inside the case, simulacra. (Of course.)

(Joke and son, many years ago...)

(Time warps and wavers within Ausland...)

Tochnit Aleph's b-day shit-out (sorry) to Joke!

(Raionbashi! Damned plastic clarinets!)

(Ed Benndorf, aka Eric B (w/o Rakim), was our DJ. His sets were fucking killer, veering toward laste 70s/early 80s Rough Trade-ish vinyl, with rarer oddities mixed throughout. "Silent Command" by Cab Vol knocked our heads clean off...)

(Guitar/turntable madness from Christian Weber & Jorge Sanchez-Chiong! Joke looks on in the foreground; he was grinning ear to ravaged ear...)

(My POV, as always. I closed the show with a solo vocal piece...)

(Click pix for larger versions...)

Elizabeth Taylor Mourns (in Her Death Sedan)...

(Amended April 21, 2009.)

This just sucks...

Still, we must endeavor to refrain from using the term "Ballardian" to describe the dystopian. It's always a bad call.

Goodbye to the master.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I Clipped a Churl (und dann leckte sie)...

TLASILA - Katie Perry vs. Die Ladiner

Continuous airplay of Perry's enervating "Hot N Cold" single (with its de rigueur and way fucking de trop pitch-correction throughout) on RTL Radio during our mitfahrgelegenheit hop to Berlin led first to inconsolable despair, and finally to the construction of this modest anti-personnel array...


(Four tracks, 18.4 MB, ripped @ 320.)



Your Life Would Suck Without You,


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Berlin, 9:05...

Woke up, spooning the CP, in a friend's bed in Berlin. (The friend is visiting other friends in Scotland, and she kindly lent us her flat for the weekend.) I'm singing tonight at Ausland to honor another friend, the inimitable Joke Lanz, who is commemorating twenty years inhabiting the guise (and yellow-striped leather trousers) of Sudden Infant... Walking through the city, magnificent in its seeming impenetrability, is always a joy, but when strolling its myriad capillaries with the CP (who has lived here in various of her past lives), such pleasures are doubled, amplified...


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rope Cosmetology: Hour Five, April 9, 2009...

Here's Rope Cosmetology, running through "Grateful, But Some Fur," one of the eight compositions hammered out during our three-week recording marathon in Hannover. We assayed this, and six of the remaining seven, at our final April 11th performance at Silke Arp Bricht. A very intense show...

Rope Cosmetology:

Feri Kovacs - saxophone
Ryan Parrish - percussion
Tim Lane Seaton - bass guitar
Tom Smith - voice (and videography)
Balazs Pandi - The Wraith

The great Pit Noack, my partner-in-crime in the duo Three Resurrected Drunkards, is the fellow crouched over at the recording deck. The majority of our rehearsals were captured on Tascam four-track, courtesy of Herr Noack. (German engineering rules.) Many more hours of rough takes, sketches, dry runs of the set, and an extraordinarily gnarled 28-minute excerpt of our Paris debut were recorded straight to digital via H2 Zoom.

Stay Focused,


Crowd Heckled Kirsten, Her, You...

TLASILA - Lifeline vs. Death

This collision has been several weeks in the making; its completion was delayed by the necessities of the Rope Cosmetology recording sessions and micro-tour. Today I found a few extra minutes and knocked out the final track...


(Seven tracks, 30.1 MB, ripped @ 320.)



Guests ignoring corner,


RIP Marilyn Chambers...

Damn... It's very sad to learn of Ms. Chambers' death. As a sexual performer -- at least when she was in her prime -- she was shockingly feral. I saw Insatiable (and Insatiable 2!) with my friend Amy Capen at a fetid (and long-since razed) DC XXX-kino in the early '80s, and we were both taken aback by the ease with which she shifted into states of utter physical emancipation. Too fucking much... I followed her mainstream career for a time as well - I loved her in Cronenberg's Rabid, and even saw the lamentable Angel of H.E.A.T. at the old Ashley Cinema in Valdosta, Georgia. She could act, but she never managed to break through... When I was writing the songs for TLASILA's An Interview with the Mitchell Brothers album in August 1995 in Miami, I based the texts on pertinent chapters in Kenneth Turan's superb history of the early porn industry, Sinema, and sticky, too-frequently viewed Mitchell Brothers VHS tapes rented from an adult stuporstore in North Beach. Even today, given all we've grown accustomed to, a film like Never a Tender Moment has the capacity to astound... As she got older, she began to look more like a Montana casino cashier than a succubi, and one account of her passing indicates she died alone, in a trailer, but what the Hell, she seized the moment, and made a fecund, ever-palpitating slice of Americana -- one quickly guzzled by depressive straights and shrieking freaks from Des Moines to Abu Dabi -- all her own.

Rest in Peace...


Monday, April 13, 2009

A New Tinititus for the Unbridled Few...

And just like that, it's over...

Rope Cosmetology convened, composed eight songs, rehearsed for three weeks, performed a pair of gigs, attended various social functions, drank to excess on at least two evenings, and dispersed in a flash.

The plan is to mount a second, more extensive European tour in September, but for now, a few days of quiet are needed. I am drained from the effort.

I pity Ryan, who has a colossal slog with Darkest Hour to look forward to, and Feri, who's still on a bus heading for Budapest. Tim should be back in Topanga by now, doubtless hours into a deep and well-deserved slumber. CP and I feel like parents whose kids have trundled off to university. The flat is empty, and we're at that poignant junction between elation and melancholy.

TLASILA seems more of a textual exercise than ever, but of course such observations are natural, given the relative infancy of Ropecosm and the resistance to change exhibited by some within the old unit. Rope Cosmetology is the more difficult of the camel's eyes to thread, as it is necessarily bounded by the requirements of instrumentation. We have less room in which to maneuver. But, those restrictions presage immense freedom, as imagination must be more forcefully engaged.

Fuck it - no going back now.

Hope everyone is well...



Sunday, April 12, 2009

Rope Cosmetology: Live, Silke Arp Bricht, Hannover, April 11, 2009...

Gute Nacht,

Below, please find the photos I took from the Silke stage before, during and immediately after our performance last night. No self-portraits, but there were many cameras flashing, so it's possible that evidence of truly diabolical terrors will eventually appear... From the erratic angles chosen, the space might seem to be empty, but there were upwards of 200 patrons inside SAB, and you can spot many of them huddled to Tim Seaton's right. We scared the living shit out of the noise hippies who had plopped, cross-legged, on the dance floor. Disgusting... The first band sounded like an interoffice memo. The second, a middling bottle of Chianti that had been open for three weeks. The third clanged and hammered and achieved little more than meek tintinnabulation. Robbie Basho it wasn't...

At the conclusion of our performance, we received a few minutes of encore requests, all of which we refused. Not out of arrogance, but simply from a shared sense that less (in our case, 53 minutes) was sufficient. "We're all very sick," I said. "Something we ate." Then we collapsed.

Claudia, pictured in the first of the photos below, spun a fantastic, bass-heavy DJ set afterward. Consciousness soon gave way to exultant oblivion.

Rope Cosmetology returns in September!



(Click each image for larger versions of same...)

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