Saturday, May 26, 2007

TLASILA > Nashville, TN > Stillwater > 27 Apr 07 > Vidcaps

As promised, the first of many sets of screengrabs from the videos shot during our recent American tour. Apologies for the scuzzed-out caps below; in this instance, the grain couldn't be helped, and the red was endemic. Nashville's Stillwater Lounge is a cool-ass joint (we know from having boozed it up there last year at Dave Toop's party for Scott Stapp), but also a dank goddamned cave. Very little illumination within, save that exuding from the happily libidinous and joyously hammered. Much fucking beer was sloshed over our merch, poured over our amps, and drizzled over our skulls. We approved.


Rat, Ben, Graham and Yours Truly, joined by Leslie Keffer, Chris Davis, and Patrick Dundon. Our capable video volunteer was jovial Joisey Mikes. Many thanks to everyone in the Music City who attended the gig and cared for our shattered bodies afterwards...

P.S. We've just uploaded three video clips from the Stillwater gig to our MySpace site. Take and eat.




(L to R: Ben, the megaphone operator, and guest Chris Davis. Back-of-head courtesy unidentified audience member, with thanks.)

(Leslie K is captured by the Ogre, but who's torturing whom? Chris and Graham can be glimpsed to the right...)

(The crowd grew progressively more agitated, due in no small part to the harmonic hydrocarbons spraying from Ben and Leslie's speaker cabs... Tom either reaches for the mic or throws an oblique gang sign to the beard-o dudes at the far left corner of the stage.)

(Rattus hoists the Robot, and the Red Sea boils...)

(... and the Robot takes control of its keeper!)

(Rat shreds, as Graham convulses and guest Patrick Dundon literally saws away in the background.)

(The apex...)

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