Friday, August 31, 2007

TLASILA: Think Tank, Day One, 2PM-7PM

Hello Again,

We've analyzed our hallucinations from the recording of The Cortege... Below, the first half of the first day. (August 25, 2007.) Captions will follow... Here at HQ we're still a little bleary from the glorious ordeal.


(Ben Wolcott preps his camera as the session revs into first gear...)

(Mark Morgan begins the first improvisation; we used the track he, Ben and Graham Moore created as the basis for The Cortege's lead-off song, "Bright Lights, Theatre, Furs." Thus, the methodology was established... I arrived with lyrics and melodies; BW, MM and GM improvised structures designed to fit specific metrical units determined in advance by Rat. Overdubs were added last. A very efficient technique... The final mix will be the product of intensive subtraction.)

(Ben, probably still jet-lagged from the flight from LAX; as ever, TLASILA's MVP.)

(The core unit of Wolcott, Morgan and Moore convulsed and coalesced into various duo/trio improvisatory permutations throughout the afternoon of the first day. Can't really see Graham from this vantage, but he and Mark record as BW sits one out.)

(TS' handwritten lyrics to "If I Am the Rodent," replete with corrections and tweaks.)

(Kelly Jamison and Mark Shellhaas add Balto martial flavor to the Cortege goulash.)

(Rat's organizational schematic...)

(Gaybomb tracks on the floor of the control room...)

(Rat, in contemplation. They don't call it the Think Tank for nuthin'.)

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