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Albums Pilfered (Okay, Taped) from Rudolf's Collection, Aarau, 2002 (Pt. 1)

Dave Philips (who was safeguarding M.'s archive at the time) had no means to rip vinyl to mp3, und zo I was forced to copy the following onto cassette. Primitive, of course, but in this instance (necessitating a month-long orgy of consumption), I had no choice. Not all are super-ultra-mega rare, but that wasn't the point. (Neither are all wholly arresting or compelling. Some are mere bald-faced curiosities.) I simply liked 'em, and wanted to take 'em home with me.

I don't think about collecting. There's never an end, and I abhor parameters. Just wanna hear the stuff. I may only listen once, maybe twice. Done. Curiosity satisfied.

In no particular order:

VA - Lower Caste Religious Music from India: Monks, Transvestites, Midwives and Folksingers (Lyrichord LLST 7324, 1977)

Zbyněk Vostřák, Miloslav Ištvan, and Václav KučeraFrom Czech Electronic Music Studios (Supraphon 1423, 1974)

VA - Experimentelle Musik und Szene in der Therapie [Direction: Manfred Richter] (Jecklin & Co., Jecklin 225, 1983)

Günter BrusGünter Brus zum 50. Geburtstag Überreicht vom 1. Deutschen Trivialeum: Panisches Leiderbuch (Dichtung und Musik) (Das Hohe Gebrechen, Die Taubueosel 1, 1988)

(Ja, the above title is just a tad unwieldy...)

VA - Raudelunas Pataphysical Revue Starring Ron 'Pate's Debonairs Featuring Rev. Fred Lane (Say Day-Bew Records NR 6155, 1975) (Yup, pre-CD reissue, orig. vinyl.)

The Blue Denim Deals Without the Arms - Armed Forces Day (Say Day-Bew Records SUB-2, 1978) (Ditto.)

Jacques Lejeune - Symphonie au Bord d'un Paysage (INA GRM 9 111 LE, 1983)

Mario Bertoncini - Cifre/Brown/Cage (Edition RZ Ed. RZ 1002, 1989)

William S. Burroughs - Break Through in Grey Room (Sub Rosa SUB 33005, 1986)

(I'd not previously located this compilation... A sweet one, actually.)

VA - Dada for Now: A Collection of Futurist and Dada Sound Works (Ark Records DOVE 4, 1985)

(Not the same as Sub Rosa's 1989 Futurism & Dada Reviewed comp.)

Anna Lockwood - The Glass World of Anna Lockwood (Tangent Records TGS 104, 1970)

(Great alb, beautifully realized.)

The Glass Orchestra - The Glass Orchestra (Music Gallery Editions WRCI 1551, 1978)

(Sensing a theme?)

Henning Christiansen - Fluxyl (Burgen Records HC 04, 1984)

Marion & Michael - Folge 1 (Rena 6422, no date listed on sleeve)

Harry Partch - U.S. Highball (RIP 003 bootleg, no date of release; pieces date from 1943, 1955, and 1954, respectively.)

bog Art - Sounds of a Sculpture I & II (bog Art BOG 103, 1989)

Evil Moisture - Tribute to the Hiss on a 3rd Generation Copy of "Blood Feast" (BMR 004 7", no date listed)

(Didn't have this one; never even saw it when I was hanging out at Andy's old King's Cross flat in London... Obviously, a must!)

Mathias SpahlingerMorendo/ΑΡΟ ΔΩ/Vier Stücke/Entlöschend/Störung/Sotto Voce (Edition RZ Ed. RZ 1005, 1990) (Kinda Joss Stone-esque...)

Josef Anton Riedl - Josef Anton Riedl (Wergo WER 60066, 1972)

Steve Miro, Steve Solamar, et al - Collaborations: Indiscreet Music (Object Music OBJ 002, 1979)

(At one time I had the entire Object catalogue in my collection, but most everything vanished in the early 80s. It was cool to have this again. Of course, I've not listened to it since I taped it in June 2002...)

Le Chant des Baleines [Recorded by Roger and Kitty Payne] (Capitol Records France 28 068-85349, 1970)

Xylex - Gluing Goes Electronic with Xylex (Doomation AH 29575 7", no date on sleeve)

(Another hyper-obscure Evil Moisture epic... Dave's copy, not Rudolf's...)

Mascara-Sue - Battle Sweet EP (Low Class Dandy 007 7", 2000)

(Not Rudolf's, but Dave had it and I'd really enjoyed their other EP, so...)

Nurse with Wound - Chance Meeting on a Dissecting Table of a Sewing Machine and an Umbrella (United Diaries UD01, 1979)

(Widely available, but R&D had pristine, first edition vinyl copies. (My UD stash was stolen eons ago.) Call me a sentimentalist, I don't fucking care!)

Moniek Darge - Sounds of Sacred Places (Igloo IGL 056-LP, 1987)

(Yeah, some of you know how good this one is...)

When - Drowning but Learning (Witchwood Records WIT 001, 1987)

Christian Marclay - More Encores (No Man's Land nml 8816, 1989)

Trevor Wishart - Red Bird: A Political Prisoner's Dream (Yes 7 LP, 1978)

(Wishart was a big influence on the way I imagined voice/vocals; this album is as good as it tends to get, although the forthcoming Bo Bice collection reportedly comes a close second... Bought Red Bird on release; it was stolen a few years later. Most of my recs from the mid-70s were grabbed in a robbery. Now I just laugh at the thought of thieves lugging a shitload of avant-wha? albs across the courtyard of my former building, but then...)

VA - Music in the World of Islam - 1: The Human Voice (Tangent Records TGS 131-LP, 1976)

G*Park - Seismogramm (Schimpfluch SH19, 1990)

Schimpfluch-Gruppe/Runzelstirn & Gurgelstøck - Mama (Des Fest) (Schimpfluch KSK03/SH26, 1991)


Audio Arts - Accent for a Start (N Media W NMW 004 AA 006, 1987)

Culturcide - Tacky Souvenirs of Pre-Revolutionary America (no label, matrix #LH 24789-90, 1986)

(Simultaneously idiotic and brilliant, and too retarded to resist taping. Dave and Rudolf must have had three copies of it between them.)

VA - Zerstückelte Dekkurbeld (Schimpfluch 02, 1988)

(Exhaustive early Schimpfluch comp.,'s second release. Well worth your weekend.)

Runzelstirn & Gurgelstøck - Stuhlgangblockade (Schimpfluch 59, 1990)

(An insane remix compilation... Edition of 100.)

Runzelstirn & Gurgelstøck - Je Rumpelsturz Desto Burzelblock (RRR R+G, 1992?)

(RRR have always struck me as the K-Tel of experimental labels, but within their compromised scope they've released more than a handful of interesting releases. Unfortunately, most "Due Process RRRadio" projects have been dreadful. This one beat the odds; it's all in the source material...)

VA - Wash Your Brains (Schimpfluch Produktion SH01, 1988)

(The very first release under the warped Schimpfluch imprint. Great great great!)

Mlehst/Runzelstirn & Gurgelstøck - Untitled Split LP (Bandaged Hand Produce 68, no date on sleeve)

Hanatarash/Runzelstirn & Gurgelstøck/Eb.ersonna - This Is Tiefpunk EP (Tochnit Aleph 033, 1999 12'')

(An excellent document, released by Daniel Lowenbrucke on his (currently) embattled Tochnit imprint. This was probably Dave's copy. Of course, now I have one... Cheers, DL!)

Meredith Monk - Our Lady of Late (Wergo SM 1058, 1986)

Alvin Lucier - Music for Solo Performer (Lovely Music VR 1014, 1982)

(I've had this since its release, but I couldn't resist taping it anyway.)

Alvin Lucier - Sferics (Lovely Music VR 1017, 1988)

Oswald Wiener & Dieter Roth - Tote Rennen: Lieder (Edition Hans Jörg Mayer F666-08, 1977)

Roth/Rainer - Autonomdialogische Thematik (Misch-U.Tremkunst) (Verlag Leber-Hossmann/Dieter Roth's Verlag DR 1180, 1978)

Dieter Roth & Björn Roth - Autofahrt No. 1 (15-16h., 17 Apr 79)/Biefert Nr. 1 (Kl. 14-15, 17 Apr 79) (Dieter Roth's Verlag BRDR 579, 1979)

(The Roth albums are utterly berserk, essentially unreleasable and now, hopelessly unobtainable.)

Daniel Stephen Crafts - Soap Opera Suite/Snake Oil Symphony (Lutra Recordings 1001, 1982)

(I finally found this again in 1996, but I took an opportunity in Aarau to make a safety copy. A beautiful album.)

RLW/Aube - Organized EP (Meeuw Muzak 006 10", no date on sleeve)

(This was Dave's. DP's always been more of a noise classisist than Herr

(I'll wrap this up at a later date. The list goes on for a while.)


"Grisbi," continué...

I've been obsessing about Grisbi all day. Jean Wiener's mesmerizing score certainly keeps one in the film's sanguine mood. If you click here, you can download Max's theme...

(320kbps mp3, approx. 2.8mb, 0:57)

Hope you dig,


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