Friday, June 24, 2011

Working Backwards from Infinity: ∞ -24

Transport to slaughter (trust the intuitions)...


KSV Release Catharses: Pt. 1 (Coming Saturday)...

Hello Again,

Delayed from March, postponed from April, pushed back in May, all for good reason (primarily to give everyone an opportunity to catch up), but on Saturday, reality itself will belch up 25 new KSV releases.

Here's what's new:

Their Mothme - NSFP (KSV 139); Memories of Underdevelopment - Stilted Airs Gave Way to Sterling Diction (Complete 2000-2001 Performances) (KSV 140); Child Abuse & Major Murks - Ethical Finale: Bettfedernfabrik 3 (KSV 141)...; & Gurgelstock - NK: Restricted Access (Berlin, 16. Jan) (KSV 142); Come into My Life, Radio Edit - ''... weder Labor noch Topf'' (Version 02) (KSV 144); Tom Smith - The Protracted and Abstract 'Sex Mix' (Solo Vocal #2) (KSV 145); Sindre Bjerga & Nils Rostad - Solo Solo Trio (KSV 146); Ex-Nihilo - Loops 19841996 (KSV 147) (one-off 1984 stuporgroup with Jared Louche, Don Fleming, Malcolm Riveria, and yours truly, stripped off intent and sent whirling through hellish hoops); To Live and Shave in L.A. - Amour Fou on the Edge of Misogyny (KSV 148) (from 1998, remastered, the works); Sucking Coeds - Team H.E.A.T. (KSV 149) (mega-ultra 1996 supersession featuring a veritable WHO'S WHO of contemporary everything, remastered, etc.); TLASILA - 2007 Hybrids Vol. 1 (EPs 001-007) (KSV 150); TLASILA Clone Watch: TLASILA 1975 + Born in East L.A. (10th Anniversary Editions) (KSV 151); Morrall Discipline - Daungerous and Desperate in All Partes (KSV 152); Liz Allbee - 26. März, Oberdeck (KSV 153); Hans Grusel's Krankenkabinet - Shredded Waiters Made Waiters' Shredded Soles (KSV 154); Sightings - Sturmglocke, 2. April (KSV 155) (limited!); Sightings Sightings Tom Smith - Sot Inspectors (KSV 156) (just as limited!); Tom Smith - U2 with the Alpine Purity (Solo Vocal #3) (KSV 157); William Tyler & Volker Zander - 13. April, Oberdeck (KSV 158); Kevom Druth & Tin Smimm - Three Atrophies, One Plague-Bearer (new Kevin Drumm & TS, if you couldn't tell) (KSV 159); Rope Cosmetology - The Honey Fox in Hare's Longing (KSV 160) (murderously great new Ropecosm!); Tom Smith Sightings - Remediated Sepulchre (KSV 161) (sick, sick greatness, and that's a fact); Meulenkrach - 43:34 (KSV 168); Justice Yeldham - Oberdeck (18. April) (KSV 169) (wow...), and Heatsick - Befriending the Seagull (Sturmglocke, 2. April) (KSV 172).




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