Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Los sobrevivientes demanda de acción!

Hello Again,

Brian Cook's favorite unreleased TLASILA-related oddity was the 1998 album by Alpha 66, Pax Sovietica. Once on the Smack Shire shortlist (but sensibly scrubbed when my partner in the label, Gerard Klauder, reckoned it would return less than an nth of our investment), this paean to Cuban-American paranoia was hatched in Miami Beach during an impossibly muggy, appropriately ominous June afternoon by yours truly, and quickly filed away after an ex-girlfriend implored me to burn the tapes, lest I be murdered by anti-Castro extremists.

It's far less threatening an affair, if truth be pried from shattered molars. I merely plopped a cassette into a boombox, tuned the unit to a local AM station specializing in overdriven salsa and merengue, and edited the proceedings in real time. (I grant that it's extraordinarily fucked, however...)

Brian often privately expressed his delight with the results, and decried the cruelty of a marketplace gone far too pink and prickly to allow for Pax Sovietica's release. But, the marketplace is finished, and the old paradigms are wizened beyond resuscitation.

Time, then, for Alpha 66!


KSV 037 Alpha 66 - Pax Sovietica


Tom Smith - radio, real-time edits

Recorded June 25, 1998 in Miami Beach, Florida by TS on the Western Blot mobile.
Edited and mastered August 10, 2009 by TS at KSV HQ, Hannover.

01 Pax Sovietica (Pt. 1) (36:06)
02 Pax Sovietica (Pt. 2) (20:48)


Edition of 15.

For Brian...



€ 8.49 within the EU, €10 outside the EU.

Postage paid. Add € 1 for each additional album.

Send orders to: tlasila [at] gmail [dot] com.

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Love to All,


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