Saturday, February 18, 2006

Salut à Delon

After all those dreary (messy, reality-based) Abu Gh-rape snapz, I reckoned you HQ watchers might be desirous of a gallery grounded in 70s-80s flic/policier narrative conventions...

How 'bout some Alain Delon trailer framegrabs? D'accord?

(From Jacques Deray's rousing 1975 Flic Story. I recommend it avec le grand enthousiasme. )

(Delon directed himself - and co-star Anne Parillaud, caressed above - in 1981's Pour la Peau d'un Flic -- For a Cop's Hide, For a Pig's Ass, etc.)

(From the Sicilian Clan trailer, 1975. "Two hours of dazzling suspense." Mais oui!)

(From the American trailer for Henri Verneuil's 1969 Le Clan des Siciliens.)

(Pour la Peau d'un Flic, 1981. Delon's yeux convey everything. He should work with Nick Roeg!)

(Delon directed 1982's tripped-out, mega-violent heist/revenge caper Le Battant; it was known in Francophobic redoubts as The Cache.)

(A cool dissolve from Le Battant.)

(Director José Pinheiro slathered 1985's Parole de Flic with then de rigeur Death Wish-like violence, but Delon knew he was veering into self-parodic straits. His 20-year flic cycle ended soon after.)

(Delon's policier streak concluded with José Pinheiro's 1988 Ne Reveillez Pas Un Flic Qui Dort. Here, a police vigilante fires an incendiary charge at an, er, individual of interest...)

(An nicely mimetic composition from Flic Story. Fans of nuance won't be disappointed. Lots of blood and profanity to boot!)

(Obviously, from Ne Reveillez Pas Un Flic Qui Dort - aka Let Sleeping Cops Lie. Always a good idea. I suspect Delon learned épuisement - weariness - from the master, Jean Gabin.)

(Awesome title graphic from Georges Lautner's 1977 Mort d'un Pourri - the US grindhouse title was Death of a Rat. One of its many supporting players was Klaus Kinski...)

(A fantastic sequence from Parole De Flic. While Delon straddles a ledge, a stunt dummy takes a serious header... One of the best splats in cinema history.)

(A pair from Pour la Peau d'un Flic. In the first, Delon's "Choucas" character, a much put-upon private dick, recieves a hammer to the knee from a bandaged felon.)

In the second, a title card proclaims that Delon is "super cool." Mostly, yes. Only in the late 80s did he veer into overt Americanisms...)

(From Ne Reveillez Pas Un Flic Qui Dort. The target ignites... I love pre-CGI opticals.)


Okay, TLASILA rarities are up next. Until then,


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