Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Slow? Feh! This One Took Just Four Years!

Wow... What a grind! After an insane gestation period marked by the usual hellish fits and starts, Horóscopo: Sanatorio de Molière, the comprehensive, in-house remix/deconstruction of at least a decade's worth of To Live and Shave in L.A. recordings, was finally wrapped today. (Less than twenty minutes ago, to be precise.) Horóscopo began as a fevered reverie atop Dave Phillips' DJ decks (in Aarau, Switzerland, during World Cup 2002!), reached back to field recordings made on the road in the mid-90s, and drew from almost all the officially issued TLASILA releases from 1994 onwards. I've been tweak-checking since Saturday, but I had to let go of it today. It's as done as it's ever going to be, and I'm anxious to turn it over to Graham at Blossoming Noise. (There are other albums in production, other projects in queue! Gotta keep moving...)

More on this and everything else since the last post after I return from the gym. Sick of being cooped up!


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