Thursday, April 27, 2006

Nokia Shares Plummeting at HQ...

(Amended 29 Aprl 06.)

This fucking 6255i of mine has disintegrated, been rendered wholly inoperable. Motherfucking Swiss choco-clock eaters! How can such an expensive goddamned device fall to pieces in less than eight months? I didn't lose it up Nate Young's ass (although many antiquities, Gazala originals, etc., have purportedly been secreted there), didn't run over it with my dad's moss-encrusted electric golf cart or lummox-like F150 (my Intrepid would, in all likelihood, fail to scuff it), didn't throw it against the wall after studying the vagaries of pronoun declination in the genitive case in Russian grammar... It developed a tiny hairline fissure, then slowly, gradually... Broke in fucking half! C*nts!!!

Ordered a Moto Razr as a replacement... Another set of cables... AAUGH!!


(P.S. In reflection I've recalled that Nokia is a Finnish company... Herring-laden sauna fucks!)

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