Friday, July 22, 2005

As I Lay Glomming...

A brisk d***load of the new Bear Family comp., a cup of high-test, and me...

If you've not been hipped to Atomic Platters, for fuck's sake, garotte your goddamned wirehaired pointer!

(Actually, it's rather expensive, and I understand if you've no interest in 1950s civil defense pop. You'd do well to visit the Conelrad site, of course. I've provided the link below.)

Otherwise, nothing much to share save m*sery. (Cue Andrezj Panufnik...) I hardly knew Christoph, really (we sat in a van together for two months, wandering through Eastern Europe with OHNE), but his death has been a stunner. Can't get on track.


Christoph Gächter (1957-2005)

Christoph Gächter was a great friend of the arts, and a damned good documentarian. I met him in April 2002, while in Aarau, Switzerland during rehearsals for the first OHNE tour.

He died on Tuesday.

Stöff, accompanied by Corinne Studer, his fellow videographer and erstwhile girlfriend, joined us on our trek through a great swath of Eastern Europe. They drove the van, dealt with our ego trips, and shot mountains of digital video.

He left his mark on my life, and I'm really going to miss him. Absolutely one of a kind.

R.I.P., good Stöff!

(Christoph and Corinne shooting OHNE on the streets of Minsk, Belarus, May 2002. Photo by Dave Phillips.)

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