Thursday, May 31, 2007

TLASILA > Portland, OR > Rotture > 2 May 07 > Vidcaps

Awesome evening at the Rotture...

Ben, Graham, Rat, the Robot, and me (TS) were aboard the Z-Train; guests Dead/Bird and Kilynn (Little Claw) clung to the railings with aplomb.

Videography courtesy of local volunteer James; framegrabs were taken from his footage.


(L to R: Graham, and a focused, unusually pensive Ben.)

(The core: Ben, Rat, TS... The composition is rather squished, but this was the only frame in which the three of us were aligned just so... Aesthetes, please forgive me.)

(Graham, in a particularly antic and wicked mood...)

(Kilynn, Dead/Bird, and Graham's talon.)

(Dead/Bird and GM...)

(Ben, D/B, and Graham...)

(Rat and Tom, mic cord wrapped 'round his mug...)

(Ben and GM, convulsing...)

(Rat bolts into the audience...)

(The ocean roils and throws him back!)

(Rat, always with the proper fingering technique... Show-off!)

(Ben stands headless while Tom plucks Keira from stage right...)


(TS' extremities, Kilynn, GM..)

(A Shavian clusterfuck: Rat, Graham, Ben (obscured), Xuxa/Keira on the periphery, TS, sprawled, and Kilynn...)

(Kilynn wins points for posture; Dead/Bird and Graham go monk and approve...)

(The bot, Ben's shoe, TS.)

(Chaos spills, spits, spins, sprays...)

(The band attacks TS...)

(Rattus escapes semi-unscathed...)

(Five seconds off the tarmac... A scarred, bloodied TS, K, GM. Not a bad night.)

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

TLASILA > Seattle, WA > Rendezvous > 1 May 07 > Vidcaps

Rat, Ben, Graham, the motion-activated Robot and I were filmed at the Rendezvous by local volunteer (and seditious scrivener) Lewis. Many thanks!

Fassbinder's Third Generation awaits, so I'll let the photo-captions tell the rest of the story...


(If you could fuse an animatronic Bryan Ferry (in his Ronald Coleman phase) with a Tussaud's mould of Dave Phillips (and you know they've got one, stashed in some back room in Blackpool), you still wouldn't have Graham, but you'd be awfully warm...)

("The space between the nose and mouth is called the philtrum..." Not normally where one finds a microphone. TLASILA alone make contact with such human embryonic merge-lines, and Jürgen Habermas can kiss our collective's collective arse. Pa-Pow!)

(A still from a discarded title sequence shot for our 1966 Techniscope epic Blood Valley of the Forlorn, retitled Hellbillies in a Haunted Record Mart for the Northwestern drive-in circuit... Ben's always looked best at a 2.33:1 aspect ratio...)

(Rat sucks the last bit of radiant energy from the Rendezvous sarcophagus; he's his own bleedin' radio spectrum!)

(One of Lewis' more inspired compositions... Rat's become quite the longhair!)

(So perverse of Rattus to wear the flannel here, but perhaps Andrew Young's antipodal spirit lives on in the Falestra duodenum. Er, mixed in with a few undigested patty melts....)

The Robot is immobile, but far from inactive... On the soundtrack, a shocking din.)

(I've always been a womb man... Here, I'm nestled between random radio blare and Ben's 0.1 Hz waveforms. Felt like home...)

(The overhead light catches GM's mug just right... I still look like a bit of a cunt, but what can one do? No, no, actually this was Rat's fault - he failed to include the rider requirement for a doctor qualified in administering both B-12 and C-4 injections... Can't you see that I'm under considerable stress? Mother, they're trying to crucify me!)


An extract from Lewis' video has been uploaded to our MySpace page.



Monday, May 28, 2007

TLASILA > Denver, CO > Rhinoceropolis > 29 Apr 07 > Vidcaps

We pulled into Denver after a day-log slog through Kansas. Saw more foul, anti-choice, Jesus-ass billboards in that state's numbing western plains than any of us had ever previously encountered, and two of us live in the Bible Swath. Very fucking depressing, and twice as tinged with melancholy for your scribe - we traveled the route I followed when I saw my son off to Iraq last September. I felt physically ill as we passed the exits for Ft. Riley...

Once we'd entered the Rhinoceropolis, however, our spirits lifted immeasurably. It wasn't a particularly well-attended gig, but the folks who showed - and the performers who graced the space in generous support - were exactly the sorts of people we'd hoped to meet. Smart, chic, sexy pervs, one and all.

A great time...

Vidcaps extracted from the footage taken by local volunteer Tom. Mil gracias, kind sir.

We've posted a video clip from the Rhinoceropolis show at our MySpace page. Check it out if you're so inclined...


(TS, pierced yet again by the mind-spike...)

(Ben conjures pinks amid Rhino grays...)

(Graham warps adjacent plastics with the 360-degree controller...)

(Rat sprays his musk while the doorman directs fire...)

(Caught in the moment... This was our longest set of the tour.)

(Bathed in the Robot's blood-red light, Tom reaches for an algorithm.)

(GM and Rattus ratchet up the vortex...)

(Ben brings us in for a dead-stick landing...)

TLASILA vs. Kansas, Continued...

A video clip from the April 28 gig has been posted at MySpace. Check it out, etc.

Three Things to Love About Death Proof...

It just sucks that the Weinsteins have decried their decision to release Rodriguez and Tarantino's theatrical cut of Grindhouse.

(Yeah, it flopped in Omaha, but so what?)

Planet Terror
and Death Proof have been split up (and beefed-up) for overseas distribution, and will likely be released to DVD in the States as standalone features. Not cool at all.

I didn't mind sitting on my ass in a shitty multiplex auditorium for three-and-a-half hours, and I don't give a fuck about the improved, expanded versions. I want what we had in February - a kick-ass, $53 million homage to cinematic filth, with reels still missing and ambiguities intact.


Three great things about Death Proof:

1) The title sequence.

Anyone who rummaged through the long-vanished video barns of the early-to-late 80s looking for gristle-and-teat-splattered triple-feature fare found hundreds of similarly retitled hayseed gems. A sly nod to fans, one most appreciated.

2) Zoë Bell.


3) Women, well photographed.*


(* As in, knowingly, respectfully. As in, Tarantino makes certain their asses look great. Of course, these puny screengrabs come from files posted to the sharenets, shot off the screen on Hi-8 or DV by some kid who supplies weed to a manager dude or security drone at a cineplex shoebox in Savannah, or Des Moines, or San Jose... Bootleg image quality thus becomes an analogue for the (re-)representation of the grindhouse experience, an aesthetic tangent frequently ignored but nonetheless unconsciously abjured by critics of the homage!)


Related story: Cannes '07 wrap-up.


Sunday, May 27, 2007

TLASILA > Lawrence, KS > Replay Lounge > 28 Apr 07 > Vidcaps

In Lawrence, TLASILA was Ben, Rat, Graham, me (TS), and saxophonist Dan Kozak. Our longtime pal (and South Beach ex-pat) Lethal Lily performed burlesque vignettes throughout. The evening's video volunteer was the too-lovely-for-Kansas Lisa Roberts.

(The screengrabs below were taken from the footage she shot.)

Many thanks to everyone who attended the performance, even the drunken fratniks.

(Especially the one who quite (in)sensibly shouted "Whut th' fuck err ya'll doin'?" twenty minutes into the set. Thank you, good sir!)


(A tilted close-up of Ben's oscillator...)

(All missiles point to Graham...)

(Rat Bastard, guest Dan Kozak, and Blind Lemon Smith...)

(Kozak and TS, in shadow and glare...)

(I remember being drawn to the walls of the Replay during the set... There were maddening aggregates, threadbare signs, slathered menacingly across the backline. Posters for dreadful concerts, decals emblazoned with the logos of dire, 90s-alt labels, fliers seeking bassists "into Mr. Bungle"... A fount of inspiration, to be sure.)

(Tom serenades Suzanne as the mic cord tightens around her neck...)

(The spacecraft turn to fish; worlds endeavor to collide...)

(Mr. Kozak, and preternatural backlighting.)

(Bidding farewell to the gallery... Despite the odd cry of unknowing, the Lawrence gig proved to be our best attended. Of course, the majority of the 300-odd customers hid in the patio during our performance... Never fear - we're working on a Long Blondes/Underoath/Maroon 5/Lenny-fucking-Kravitz set for next time!)

(Lily gives one final friendly finger...)

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