Wednesday, March 08, 2006

TLASILA Rarities, Part 3

(No longer available as of March 19, 2006. As always, thanks for your participation, sharing the swag, etc.)

To Live and Shave in L.A. - Vedder Vedder Bedwetter (contiguous mix) (1995, rejected)

This album struck with a soundless thud in the summer of 1995. Although I hated everything about it for a very long time, I've slowly warmed to it. Now, I've at last made my peace with it.

The thaw can be attributed to my recently having stumbled over Vedder's original, contiguous (uninterrupted) mix. I cleaned up a few rough spots, remastered it, and...

01 Vedder Vedder Bedwetter (contiguous)

Backstory, scans, and other ejecta will be posted eventually. Apologies for the delay. Meanwhile, lyrics are available here.

File size: 163 MB / Ripped at 320 kbps / Total time: 71:16

God Help You,



Reggie Queequeg said...

what's up with your high bitrates? I'm not trying to be argumentative here, honestly I know very little about how all this works, but isn't around 160 the general "CD standard"?

The reason I ask is because your high bitrate made me have to convert it to transfer the file from my oldish laptop to our house desktop to throw this on a cd, which took about an hour and a half. Still, the album is worth it! I remember not caring for the CD (which I still own, it's just in a box somwhere right now, I'm preparing for a move to Baltimore), but this mix seems a lot better!


RQ + some old famous grouse

ommyth said...

Now I've seen everything... "Please, don't give me quality!!"

Reg, you've been hanging with the no-fi noise hippies wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too long.

Relax, and enjoy business class.

Re VVB: I loathed it for a variety of reasons, but the original mix - which I'd exiled from memory - seems to have captured the intent of the album...



Reggie Queequeg said...

Yeah, but is say, a copy of Superman Comics #16 higher quality if it's in a sheet of plastic, or in a 3'X8' box? I'm just saying, it takes up a lot of room, and the smaller kps version didn't sound too different on my computer. (which may very well be because it's not exactly state of the art).

Maybe you've been spending TOO MUCH time in business class and are merely falling for yuppie scams! Haha!

Now if you'll exuse me, I there's a package at the door from Skymall.

Bruno B said...

Well, I appreciate the quality... just burn the file(s) on a CD and play in your favorite sound system. Thanks Tom!

Reggie Queequeg said...

and for the record, I'm not saying "don't give me quality", I actually get super angry when I find the Flipper album I downloaded is at a crappy bitrate.

ommyth said...

Reg, I'm working on a new version of Kumbayaa with Aube and Bruce Loose in order to forge a rapproachment with non-biz class lovers of post-yup sound manip. Aube takes the feed from Bruce's heart monitors and I whisper the lyrics (along with subliminally-posited Delta SkyMiles pricing data) over the mix... Check back here soon (ca. 2016)!

ommyth said...

Bruno, hope you can find it in your heart to halfway dig the mess that was, is, and forever shall be VVB. Thanks for taking the time to download the annoyingly high-quality (at least in terms of bitrate) file...



Roe said...

God, I love those lyrics. But dial-up sucks! Now don't laugh too hard...please


ommyth said...

Thanks for your generous appraisal, Roe. Re Vedder: I tend to work for several weeks (sometimes extending into months) on the lyrics, even when (as with Noon and Eternity) they're bare, largely impressionistic. These days, I prefer to say more with less. For VVB, however, I had a lot more to convey, and a nuanced approach wouldn't have worked as well.

As to dial-up, we've all been there before. (Except, of course, for kids born in the DSL/cable era.) Thanks for having the curiosity and interest to download what is arguably our most fugged-up and impenetrable alb. I and the other TLASILA droogs are happy to make this mix available to you.

80 Degrees in Atlanta Today,


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