Sunday, March 19, 2006

TLASILA Rarities, Part 5

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To Live and Shave in L.A. - Live, Churchill's, Miami, Thursday, September 15, 1994.

Here's a previously unreleased TLASILA performance, one of the first featuring Ben Wolcott attempting to tame his often ungovernable oscillator. To these (obviously biased) ears, his efforts seemed extraordinary, a perfect compliment to Rat's unrelenting wall of distorted, fucked-out fuzz. As Ben helped to pry open our sound, we responded by bearing down on the sounds themselves, by more studiously examining their strata. Those were very exciting times...

Apart from the band, an unusually desultory Bill Orcutt, a random skinhead, and Churchill's late-evening bar staff, no one appears to have been in the club. O, fame, begone!

Rat Bastard, bass; Ben Wolcott, oscillator; Tom Smith, voice and tapes. Live engineering by Ariya Okomoto; mixed at Sync Studio, Miami 10/94 by TS.

The set has been remastered from the original Sync DAT mix, and edited into song-specific chunks. Otherwise, it's unexpurgated, presented as originally recorded.

"Out with the Shirt on My Back" and "Neu/Stipe Stüssy Pact" were written prior to the recording of 30-mm. Although they were frequently performed between 1992 and '94, they never found a proper album berth. (In fact, this gig may well have been the last time we assayed them in public.) The other five songs appear on "Helen Butte" vs. Masonna Pussy Badsmell.


01 Intro

02 Lock of Gut Twine

03 Out with the Shirt on My Back

04 "American Car"

05 Neu/Stipe Stüssy Pact

06 Gone and Bitched Up

07 I Suppress Nothing

08 Wanna Bust Up a Virgin Ass?


File size: 43.0 MB / Ripped at 320 kbps / Total time: 18:41

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Roe said...

Thanks for your time in posting all this, Tom.

Your The Best,


ommyth said...

You're very welcome, Roe. Thanks for downloading!


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