Thursday, June 22, 2006

Okay, Fuck It, I Lied - Four Years and a Day!

God, I'm hopeless. I couldn't help but take the obligatory test drive. With Horóscopo blaring from the inside of my car I realized I had at least another day of micro-tweaks to attend to, the sorts of alterations no one on Earth (or any other life-bearing body) would notice in ten billion years...

Wait - that's ridiculous. The nature of our perception of repetition is such that anomalous elements become more obvious with each iteration. Given a simultaneous demonstration (synch-locked to prevent phase drift), eventually even the most outlandishly addled listener would detect the changes made earlier on the 21st.

(Well, okay, forget O****, but every other outlandishly addled listener... Sorry, must remind myself that I'm an ethicist! Damn this cynicism!)

Tweaks were accomplished, and now - at long fucking last - it's absolutely, finally, done. Long sighs of relief... My eyes are totally blasted.

Thanks to all who emailed (and phoned) with messages of congratulations. Very kind of you.

Remind me to tell you about: Father's Day lunch, Ligeti's passing (sob!), TLASILA tour updates (another round of surprises and temporary personnel shifts), the Noon ETA, mp3 upload requests, the overhaul, and more.

Gotta hit the sack,



Roe said...

Are the recordings really done, Tom?
Reminder: Father's day lunch,etc...



ommyth said...

All done, Roe. The album was handed off to Blossoming Noise last weekend... For the rest, see the latest posts.


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