Saturday, June 24, 2006

Razr Rust: May/June Latecomers

As the archive swells, pressure must occasionally be released. Here are six phonecam snaps from late May/mid-June...

(Typical Tybee Island weirdness. This swimwear shop's lamentable façade was spotted while C2 and I dodged drunken sandbillies on Tyb's main booze drag. Shaky photography by TS, May 26, 2006.)

(On closer inspection, delightful impenetrability...)

(C2 in excelsis, Tybee, 27 May 06.)

(The modern day aging, preening, narcissistic (de)composer refuses to die... TS after a workout, June 4, 2006. Don't hate me for loving myself so, bastards!)

(Another groovy snap of future Blossoming Noise pundit-in-residence C2, this time at the launch party of a high-end lighting fixtures wholesaler (!), June 9, 2006. Friends of friends of friends, etc. An odd-ass event, but the Patron flowed, and photog TS's tears were effectively staunched...)

(Charles, my dad, stares into the beyond on Father's Day. Alzheimer's is a fucking bitch. He oscillates in and out of awareness with depressing frequency... I wonder if I'll suffer from it... At least dad retains his sense of humor. Big ups to a pop who gave me free reign, even if he didn't know what the Hell I was doing. He was right, of course - I would never make a dime with "that music"!)


c2 said...

"You've got to embrace the teabag!"

- from Overheard in New York

ommyth said...

Always appropriate, eh C2?

c2 said...

just doing my bit for my future pundit-in-residence gig, tetley.

"smaller cups and better magazines!"

ommyth said...

Take C2's cue (see the quote at the end of her most recent thread posting) and glue yourself to season three of Rescue Me... The intersecting arcs get juicier by the week.

c2 said...

btw, nice pic of your bodacious self.

futbol, anyone?

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