Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Bass 'n' Bass Blowout: April-July Jury Sequestered!

(Begun July 17; completed July 23... Updated 7/24-25!)
(Sound files removed 8/25. Thanks for downloading, listening...)

Done! (Whew...) No good need goes unpunished, etc.


Synopsis: in the last few weeks we here at Omniscience HQ have been rather unimpressed with d+b futures; conversely, dubstep stocks have surged. This dire trend seems to have been reversed yesterday (July 16) with the arrival of a flood of top-notch of jungle platten. (Joy exudes through Mudville Estates... Team Shave, to the slipmats!) Although we were blown away by two new Skream releases (including the much-anticipated - here, at least! - Skreamizm Vol. 2 EP), our lil' grim(e) pals must stand down for the first time in aeons...

(Crawl slowly forward twenty-three hours, ditch the editorial we, and...)


Okay, here's what I've been listening to for the last three months. Each track is recommended w/o reservation, although in retrospect I find I like the odd selection a little less than I had previously, or now enjoy one with greater avidity. These are arranged not by descending subjective order, but rather alphanumerically: "10," "Babylon," etc.* Each resides on my 30 GB Phillips GoGear (sorry, but I'm not a fan of the iPod) as a specifically coded set - "omdnb 0706b" is the most recent addition.

*Sometimes, just for the sheer fuggg of it, I go Z-to-A. Yes, my life is wholly without worry...

I'm perhaps revealing a bit too much of myself, but by now everyone should know that I genuinely love this music, and feel very little, if anything at all, for those genres with which I am too often associated. "So," a waggish heel might propose, "why doesn't TLASILA sound like this stupid club shit?" (A similar comment was inexplicably expressed on a message board following our appearance at NFF 2004.)

What would be the point? We don't want to be identified with anything! We like what we like, unreservedly. If something should filter into our lives, then it may leech into our art. (Or, it's just as likely that it will not.) Très simple, non?

Mashups are either carefully x-faded or just crushed-the-fuck-together; each contiguous segment is in strict setlist order, so triangulation should be a snap. Click on set numbers for associated mp3s. Mashups edited and normalized by TS; pix lifted from various label sites, discogs.com, Juno, scanned from my own collection, etc., and tossed about in Photoshop.

April 2006

Set 01 (omdnb 0406a)

01 Alpha Omega - 10 Faces of Death
02 Limewax - Untitled 666
(No, as it turns out, it wasn't! Thanks to Transposition Killaz MC for the bloodshot eagle orbz...)
03 Skitty (feat. Nolige) - Babylon Dub
04 Alpha Omega - Discard the Truth
05 Gein - Father of Lies
06 Skitty & Heist - Ghost
07 Gein - Hate
08 Theory & Dr. Know - Krakatoa
09 Roughcut - Lion Dub
10 Counterstrike - Motherfucking Skulls
11 Counterstrike - The Power to Distort
12 Mashnum PI - Wannabeatz (7")

Set 02 (omdnb 0406b)

01 Equinox - Antartica
02 Gremlinz & Stranjah - Clapback
03 Alpha Omega - Entities
04 Unknown Error - Flipfunk
05 Gremlinz & Stranjah - For Heroes
06 The Force - Keep Rockin'
07 Survival - Kensei Rise
08 EBK - Meltdown
09 Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch - More Like You (Unknown Error remix)
10 Danny Holdtight - Motel
11 Robot Death Squad - Space Crawler
12 Desimal - Sun Destroyer
(Desimal, aka Graham William Marsh, died on May 23... I hadn't previously known. He was only 25. -TS)
13 The Force - Untouchable

(Above, lower right corner, Desimal. RIP...)

May 2006

(Although the plates below - mostly dubbed-out ragga with static-infused furrows - were superb, it was not the greatest month. Too few worthwhile releases...)

Set 01 (omdnb 0506a)

01 Ill Skillz & Calyx - Colours of Noize
02 A-Sides (feat. MC Fats) - Crazy 2006
03 Ill Logic & Raf - Inside Out
04 Bladerunner - Leave Dem Alone
05 DJ Hazard - Murder Tonight
06 Outrage - Recall
07 Bladerunner - The Rocker
08 DJ Hazard - Talk Like a Girl
09 G Dub - Touch Me
10 Amit - The Tube (Outrage remix)

June 2006

(Things picked up a bit, but the month's dubstep plates still seemed superior. Of course, there are always deadly IEDs hidden within curbside detritus...)

Set 01 (omdnb 0606a)

01 DJ Anarxx - Universe
02 DJ Anarxx - Stained Glass Lantern
03 Harm - Scary
04 Propaganda - The Real
05 Silent Witness & Break - The Question
06 Atom & Cell - Presure (Noisia remix)
07 Alliance - Lost Contact (Psidream remix)
08 Fanu - Last Solo Before Dawn
09 Silent Witness & Break - Hollow
10 Double Zero - Gangsta Shit
11 Prolix - Choke Hold
12 Cappo - Bristol Pressure (VIP dub mix)
13 Nero - Bad for the Brain
14 Propaganda - Axis and Allies

Set 02 (omdnb 0606b)

(This group easily bucked the downward trend; each of the bloodshot, thoroughly rinsed tracks below is exceptional...)

01 Ewun - Black Nines
02 Bad Matter - Blood for Blood
03 45 Thieves - Day-O
04 Calyx & Kontrol - Drums Take Control
05 Dylan & Raiden - Future's Futile
06 Code Blue & Panacea - Graveyard Twist
07 Code Blue & Panacea - Headtone Shuffle
08 The Riot - No Love
09 Dylan & Raiden - Preacherman
10 Infiltrata, Mason & D Star - Ricochet
11 Coresplittaz - System
12 Gein - Telepathy (feat. Bitfiendz)
13 Gabriel - Vex

Set 03 (omdnb 0606c)

01 Dak - Nutcase
02 Sileni - Twitchy Droig Leg (Graphic remix)
03 Spirit - Redial
04 Splittin' Atoms - Peppermint Rhino
05 Infuse - Observer
06 Craze, Infiltrata & Gerer8 - You Don't Know Me
07 Nucleus & Paradox - Love Her (Version)
08 Rufige Kru - Fear Heaven
09 Cartridge - Edge City
10 Dillinja - Basscone
11 Jamie Page - Acid Star
12 Vital Elements - Fraser Island

Set 04 (omdnb 0606d)

(Limewax has been on an insane roll of late. When "½ LB" kicks in, yup, trouser legs get a little moist...)

01 Silent Witness - Atlanta
02 Techleash - Breathing in Space
03 SKC - Butchery
04 Rareform - The Daddy
05 Jay Jay & Mark C - Forward Thinking
06 Jay Jay & Mark C - Future Music
07 Limewax - 1/2 LB
08 Unknown Error - Hellraiser
09 Pyro - Metal Fatigue
10 Evol Intent vs. Ewun - The Rapture
11 Pyro & Phono - Seeker
12 Alaska - Shiver
13 Phono - Tethys
14 Wickaman - Squelcher

Set 05 (omdnb 0606e)

01 Technical Itch - The Ancients
02 Dubalty (feat. MC Fever) - Big Time Dappa
03 Rido - Dark Thief
04 Teebee & Future Prophecies - Dimensional Entity (remix)
05 Serum - Dub Dread VIP
06 Basher - Leachcraft
07 Murderbot - Only World
08 Murderbot - Purple Skunk
(Turns out the M'bot 12" was released in October, but at this point I'm too frazzled to remove it!)
09 Top Cat - Sensi Crisis
10 Q Project - Sleepers
11 Callide - System Overload
12 Vital Elements - Triple Shot
13 Limewax - The Way the Future

July 2006

(This month's releases are off the figurative chain, having already shattered the literal and cosmological links... Set 02 is still in evaluative progress, as the latest raft of plates have yet to be fingerprinted. Expect for this post to eventually generate a part deuce!)

Set 01 (omdnb 0706a)

01 The Fix - 12 Jewelz
02 G Dub - Black Widow
03 Paradox - Breakdown
04 Krust - Choose Consciousness
05 The Riot - Crowd Control
06 Paradox - Give the Drummer Some
07 Survival - Link
08 N.Phect & Dizplay - Mofo
09 Krust - New Humans
10 The Fix - Nostradamus
11 Noisia - Omissions
12 EBK - Soma
13 Paradox - Ultimate Negative
14 Paradox - Unspoken Divide
15 System Noise - Unto Jah
16 Audio - Warehouse

Set 02 (omdnb 0706b)

01 Phace & Nphect - Cavity
02 Nucleus & Paradox - Clint Van Cleef
03 Nucleus & Paradox - Dilettantes (remix)
04 Donny - The Forgotten
05 TZA - Hunker Down
06 Radio Bomb - I Need Therapy
07 Teebee - Lost
08 Noise Punishment - The Master
09 Leon Switch - Subway


I've decided not to go into this set just yet; think it'll be best to devote a separate post to grim(e)/dubstep... But, having dodged the semi-arduous task of cobbling together another set of label images and on-the-fly mashups, I'll go out on one of Françoise-Hélène Jourda's reinforced rough wooden architectural struts and declare Distance's titantic Traffic/Cyclops release on Planet Mu single of the half-year. (It conquered the world in June.) Shattering, brilliant!




Bruno B said...

Alright! Can't wait to read that and get into some new sounds.

mikey said...

yea, think i mentioned it before, but i'm really glad to see a good friend of mine ( gein) get some recognition by a musician that i thoroughly enjoy (you).

ommyth said...

Agreed, mikey - Gein has really been hitting his stride of late. Each release is much anticipated here at HQ... Tell him we said hello and that we'd lurve a collab or remix!! How cool would that be! (Well, urm, I certainly hope it would be... Must remember to be modest! Ethics, etc.)

Bruno B said...

Wow, so much stuff to look into... keep it coming!

Tony Vulgara said...

YEAS! (sic)

you know I love it

ommyth said...

Just about done with the mashup samplers... It's always work work work work work!

Hope this post helps give interested non-obsessives a glimmer into the crazed d+b/dubstep milieu.



d*rettman said...

oi.. ready to 'turn on' to this mash-up mess.. that Distance jam is thee shit.. his track on the split w/ Skream (Tectonic 006) is crushing.. see ya in Sept, cheif..

ommyth said...

Seen, bwoy! (Etc.) Yes, agreed 1000% re Tectonic split.

If "noise" (as practis'd genre) were a billionth as interesting as Distance's Traffic slab, I'd be the pope of that mangy shit. Leave it to the amateurs, and forward march for the rest of us! (Sorry, flailing a Nag Nag Nag once again...)

See you soon,

Armand Jean du Plessis, Paris, September 9, 1585

Bruno B said...

Great post, thanks for all the info - much appreciated. Looking forward to the dubstep one!

ommyth said...

Bruno, if you get the chance, do yourself a favor and listen to Marianne Hobbes' Breezeblock program from BBC Radio 1. She airs a lot of new, thoroughly crazed dubstep and u'ground hiphop/ghettotek every week. She's not too over-the-top, and in general lets the muzak do the yappin'.



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