Saturday, July 29, 2006

Guess What I Have...

Besides an IQ either well above 160 or far below 40? A shockingly vile case of herpes? A wee orange sailor blouse and matching tennis skirt? The support of both Hezbollah and NRA border patrol loons? All (or none) of the bewtixt?

How 'bout advance copies of Noon and Eternity?

Happyjoy! (Etc.)

Street date is October 31. See you then!

As for me, I've off to test drive this bugger in the HQ mobile. (I did. I love.)




Roe said...

Awesome! Can't wait, Mr. S.



Anonymous said...

Can't wait for my copy!...


Bruno B said...

Really looking forward to hearing this and Horoscopo. By the way, I now have my tickets for the Montreal show on the 1st...

Reggie Queequeg said...

Awesome, guess what album is going to be forced on everyone at whatever Hal'ween party I am at?

mikey said...

what, no snazzy digipak? perhaps not the shave cup of joe? haha, everyone sounds excited for it, and i'm all
buuhhh the packaging... no i really am exciteded. though.

ommyth said...

Hello Everyone... Thanks for your very generous and thoughtful posts.

Roe, I really hope you'll dig it. We've been keeping the album on the DL, limiting access, preferring a slow boil to over-exposure and anticlimax...

Graham, baby, you've heard it already, albeit during a listening party with a talkative host commenting effusively atop the racket. (So, I guess you've heard nothing!) Looking forward.

Bruno, you were kind enough to lend yr ears for beta testing of an early, rough mix version... Endless thanks to you for your patience and fortitude. I trust you'll enjoy the finished product (and Horoscopo as well). The latter alb will be ready in time for the Montreal dates!

Reg, this one's actually rather "musical"; force-feeding may not be necessary. Still, if limbs must be severed, so be it.

Mikey, we love digipaks (Horoscopo's encased in a beaut of one), but we wanted a much more mainstream profile for Noon. Nah, it's not p(o)op-tripe, but we designed the sleeve to create ambiguities centered around commonalities. In other words, the image depicts a fairly typical (though not necessarily ubiquitous) object that can represent many things and support varied interpretations. Conversely, the jacket of Horoscopo, created for us by Parisian illustrator Raphael Leray, appears to be far more abstract, at least at first glance... It too eventually reveals solidity, form, and ultimately repels disjointedness. But, y'know, I'm biased as fuck.



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