Monday, July 10, 2006


Zidane lost his goddamned mind... Provoked, dosed on Ketamine, whatever - such a shit-ass way to go out.



c2 said...

"Zinedine Zidane was provoked into butting Marco Materazzi during the World Cup final by a "very serious" comment, according to his agent."

i despise faux news but:

i'm curious as to what materazzi said. but no matter, zidane should've kept his head and walked away.

evan said...

i dunno...having played soccer through all my formative years i think every multi-million dollar footballer should have his ass kicked at least once. sure, zidane probably should have maybe chosen another occasion, but if you want to make a critical statement about soccer players becoming pussies then there's no better time than world cup final overtime!

ommyth said...


The accounts I've read in the European press indicated Materazzi taunted Zizou, first by tweaking his nipple (!), and then by calling his sister a whore and referring to the Maestro as a "dirty Muslim, a terrorist," or words to similar effect. I would much rather have seen Zidane channel his anger by sending the ball streaking into a corner at the 119th minute for the win, but he went for the headbutt instead... Can't believe a hardened vet like Zidane fell for that playground shit, but he did, and we all know the outcome. Ignoble, yes, but at least it removes Zizou from the wretched pantheon of "role models" and posits him firmly into "potentially batshit" territory. Bravo Zizou! And, of course, cheers to the Italian squad, the whole pasta-scarfing, nip-pinching, match-fixing lot of 'em.

As for the "soccer is gay" argument, it's rubbish, plain and simple. The day when Ricky "Shotgun, Anyone?" Williams runs for 90 minutes without stopping is the day I'll eat a ribeye slathered in tongue.


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