Saturday, July 08, 2006

throuRoof vs. TLASILA

Below, please avail yourselves of Italian remix compositeur throuRoof's take on TLASILA's MS preview mashup "16 Horoscopo Descents." throuRoof (or Antonio Gallucci, as his relatives refer to him), whipped this confection together (to which he gave the delightful title "Shaving an Horoscopeman") earlier today. Grazie Anto!

(He sings underneath his mix as well!)

You may find throuRoof either here or here...

01 Shaving an Horoscopeman


Okay, gotta jet. More tomorrow after the World Cup consolation match.



mikey said...

whoa, a remix of a preview.
how long do i have to nab this?

ommyth said...

Ha! I know, it's starting to get a little crazy... Seeing as the file's only a few megs, you've got plenty o' ticks before the detonator is activated.

MySpace seems to be anathema to many of our long-time friends and enthusiasts (the News Korps buyout didn't increase anyone's ardor), but because of their sick bandwidth capabilities we've been using the TLASILA MS page to post a constantly changing variety of mashups, preview remixes, etc.

Things flip around every 10 days or so, and we always make them available for download. So, check it out. Of course, you have to have a MS profile to do so, but if you fear GOP Big Bruvva fucktards (or just resent the whole goddamned idea in general) you can always use a Yahoo account, fake name, phony bio stats, etc. Many people do just that.



Roe said...

Yeh Italy!!!

evan said...

according to Myspace's license agreement, they own everything you upload and word it they're going to start making compilations with people's stuff. all the better if the Shave can infiltrate Rupert Murdoch's mind.

that said, if you wanna put anything up indefinitely or retain the rights, i've got unlimited bandwidth at my place and we'd be happy to host some stuff...

c2 said...

om, i believe you've been out-remixed...

anto::: said... you like my rework?if someone is interested i'm very open to every kinds of collaborations!!!buenavida a vosotros

ommyth said...

Thanks, Evan, for your very generous offer. We might just have to talk about it sometime...

Cyn, I think you're right! Anto is very good indeed!

Antonio! I'm certain you'll be flooded with offers... Grazie Anto!!


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