Noon Fever Sweeps Central New Hampshire!

Our publicist is already earning her keep... Go here.

Sections of the Pitchfork piece (on Noon and the Canadian trek) appear to have been written on an acid-drenched stoop near the intersection of Haight and Hacky Sack, but truths permeate.

There's a new, exclusive mashup available as well.


(Above, the inspiration for Horoscopo - Ray Danton's DMT-suffused, 1966 Italio-Spanish Bond knockoff Secret Agent Super Dragon. Snap of Tom's one-sheet courtesy S. Mike.)

Oh shit, it's raining. Gotta roll up my car windows!


Anonymous said…
so no chance of doing your version of "Frosty the Snowman" ? :)
ommyth said…
No, we've retired "Frosty," but we're rehearsing a killer version of "Itsy Bitsy Spider"...


Reggie Queequeg said…
Oh man, the teaser is super good...can't wait to hear the whole album! That's hilarious that it comes courtesy pitchforkmedia! Perhaps you should all dress like (insert whatever indie rockers are wearing this season here, I haven't seen any in a while).
ommyth said…
Grazie, RQ...

Pitchfork is just a tool, like any other. They blur into one.

Here's the new, official band garb - we were aiming for a sartorial fusion of Interpol, Univers Zero, The Meters, and Shampoo, but we improved on it instead...

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