Saturday, August 12, 2006

Warming Up to the Chill...

I've been taking it easy since the Miami trip. Lots of dithering re upcoming tour, mainly organizational stuff. Probably go as a five-piece to Canada (Ben, Rat, Chris, AWK, and myself), and save the debut of the octet for the States in Nov-Dec. We'll have Horoscopo in hand on the 25th, and new t-shirts as well. Scads of releases on the horizon - it's almost overwhelming. You musn't think I'm complaining, of course. I remember the days when the silences were truly deafening...

Listened to the expanded Korean version of Andrew's Close Calls with Brick Walls for the first time late last night... Wow. If you're still a doubting thicko, you deserve forced rehab with Mel "I Own Sobibor!" Gibson and Robin "Unfunny Since Garp" Williams. It's my favorite of the major label trioka - just fucking excellent throughout. Way to go Andy! (Uhh, Mr. Wilkes-Krier. Sorry.)

Can't believe that CNN Headline News co-cocksucker Chuck Roberts referred to Ned Lamont yesterday as the "Al-Qaeda candidate." ¿Qué? Amazing. Bernard Shaw must be weeping into his oat bran. As this presidency descends further into ignomy, so too does the Fourth Estate. It would be shocking if we weren't already numb to it.

With the death yesterday of the original softball-lobbing chat show host Mike Douglas (who was ogled religiously by my mom, and millions of other 60s-70s hausfrau), the New York Times reminded us in their obit that Douglas' executive producer was one Roger Ailes, the very same troll who engineered Fox News' lamentable rise to cable ratings dominance. Oh well...

Trading my H3 for more tofu, I remain...



Anonymous said...

Complain about Chuck Roberts and his comment that Ned Lamont is the Al Qaeda candidate here:

He will get a copy of the email, by the way.

Post in this thread that you've sent a complaint. Let's see how many we can get. It's important he and his bosses take note of this.

Flaming him won't be helpful, though. Reason is the best response to weak reporters like him.

But, I'm interested... what is his source. "Some people say" is just a FoxNews tactic for saying what you want without attributing it to anyone, specificially.


ommyth said...

Thanks for the link, Anon. Q.

Daily Kos has an informative thread as well:

An excerpt:

Losing It

by georgia10

Sat Aug 12, 2006 at 11:10:01 AM PDT

Just twelve weeks away from Election Day, frigid poll numbers for the President and his legion of "W brand" candidates throughout the country have Republicans scrambling for Karl Rove's dog-eared playbook in the hopes of stopping (or at least slowing down) the unprecedented Democratic momentum going into the midterm elections.

Fear-mongering, of course, is Chapter 1 in that book.

This week, we witnessed a vitriolic and coordinated attack on Democrats. Cal Thomas evidenced his need for a straightjacket as he lamented what he calls the "Taliban" wing of the Democratic Party. Bill O'Reilly libeled an entire voting bloc of American citizens when he said that Connecticut voters prove that Americans have "no will to restrain Iran's jihad" . Likewise, Tony Snow insulted Connecticut voters by claiming they chose to "walk away" from fighting terrorists. Dick Cheney implied that Connecticut voters were weak and that Al Qaeda "broke" their will. Meanwhile, Tom DeLay distracted himself from the prospect of prison time this week with fairytales of Democrats who think that terrorists are "wonderful people." Over at the RNC, Republicans sent out a "your money or your life" fundraising email that would have made Tony Soprano proud. And, of course, no propaganda blitz would be complete without the stenographers in the media, like Chuck Roberts of CNN, who mused aloud whether Lamont is an "Al Qaeda Candidate."



evan said...

speaking of the Chill, at the rate the thermometer's plummeting it's gonna be winter by the time ya'll his Montréal!

Bruno B said...

What's the extra content on the Korean edition of AWK's new album? More songs?

ommyth said...

Hello Evan, Bruno...

Well, the cold tends to do a body good. I've not been truly frozen since a December 2004 trip to Russia... I miss the clotting.

The Korean release of CC/BW has four more songs than the Japanese edition. At least I think so. I'll ask him when he and his group return from Asia...

Horoscopo drops in 13 days!



ommyth said...

Regarding Chuck "Shit for Brains" Roberts' insane Headline News ad lib: I posted a complaint to CNN. Sure, I'm a motherfucking liberal, and a proud-ass, super-sexy one to boot. But my dismay and revulsion weren't mere knee-jerk reflexivity - for fuck's sake, I hold a Mass Media BFA. If I'd stated in one of our university studio tapings that Bush was a neo-fascist, or the "Corruption President," I'd have received an F and likely faced disciplinary action. Shouldn't we be able to hold actual newsreaders to some sort of account? I realize that in a post-Fox News world, notions of what constitutes "professional journalism" have been usurped (and raped with a fucking cue stick), but GODDAMN! Ned Lamont's anti-war stance gives no comfort to Al-Qaeda. He wants to KILL Al-Qaeda! Lamont (along with 65% of the American people) want us out of Iraq so that we might actually deal with the perpetrators of 9/11... But, if you read these humble lil' posts, you probably already know all this.

evan said...

Russia in December? ok...we'll have to get ya'll up again in the winter i guess ;)

your mass media BFA seriously had that kinda atmosphere? goddamn - long live school in french canada - the revelation of my fucking life, man...i brought all 3 of my absentee ballots in for show and tell!

ommyth said...

Hmmmm... This thread has trowelled on a wee bit o' kabuki. But, as it's never too late to double back from the abyss, I shall strive to make amends with this reply... Evan, at Valdosta State University there are both student-run television and radio stations; the latter is a bit of a pigfuck, but the former features actual daily news, public affairs, and chat programming; those shows are aired on the school's television station, which can be viewed by anyone with a basic cable subscription. Each upper-level BFA student is required to produce, direct, perform on-air, and crew for the various programs. Thus, my suggestion that a live ad lib (e.g., in the manner of Chuck Roberts, "some might say that Dick Chaney is the pro-Klan, pro-baby seal-clubbing, pro-indigent ass-raping VP") would probably have landed me in a rather warm body of water... Comprenez? It was a fairly slack environment, being a mid-level institution in a lower-tier state (triste, mais vrai), but live bullshitting was not encouraged. (As it should not have been on HN.)


Tom (some would say I'm the nun-fucker of post-post-pre)

Anonymous said...

what is tofu?

ommyth said...

Hello Anon.,

Uncertain of "tofu," but if one juggles those four letters but slightly, "of tu" emerges. Anyone with at least one semester of Latin should recognize the common pronoun "you." Thus, good Anon., are you positing the age-old existential query "Who am I?" If so, we suggest random readings from this list of authors:

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
Søren Kierkegaard
Friedrich Nietzsche
Edmund Husserl
Martin Heidegger (shameful Nazi wretch that he was, his genius somehow manages to slash through veils of thuggish obfuscation...)
Simone de Beauvoir
Jean-Paul Sartre
Mickey Spillane

If you are not posing the aforementioned question, we are sad to report that we can be of no help to you.

Best of Luck,


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