Thursday, September 21, 2006

Dull Thudding Syncs with Spiralling Numbness

Ohh, I'm definitely hungover. Graham and Bobbie (accompanied by Travis, the jovial Black Meat bête noir) treated me to much fine ass and accompanying strangeness at the Oasis Goodtime Emporium, a typically stodgy strip joint on Atlanta's bleak eastern industrial perimeter.

Head's (hell) bell(es) are pealing...

We left at 3:45. Bobbie began speaking in Laotian, and the Phillip Glass CD was yanked from the player in favor of a Morbid Angel chestnut. Dropped Trav off at his swank cul-de-sac, and zoomed through scenic Lilburn to the bucolic Moore manse. Downed an Odwalla to restore whatever shit I'd lost hours before, and passed out. Brain was in violent opposition to body; mind won the morning.

Much dissonance in my life at the moment, but also much insane positivity. I welcome life's errant vicissitudes, its warming neutrality. I exist, regardless. Fuck fear.



Anonymous said...

We love you and miss your company. Hang on, hang in & always hang out.


Spaulding007 said...

How are you doing, Tom?...

ommyth said...

I'm well, 00, but still kinda bummed. I'll be okay... Thanks for posting.


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