Tuesday, September 12, 2006


(Text slightly amended and three new photos added 13 Sept 06.)

Hello Droogies,

The session we recorded at WFMU on September 5 (between our Tonic and Syrup Room gigs) will be aired today during Brian Turner's always-goddamned-fab b'cast. BT warns that the sesh will likely be unveiled between 5 and 6 pm, so set your devices and delve into what might portend to be a (rough) preview of the studio follow-up to the forthcoming Noon and Eternity. We assayed a clutch of new songs written for the Horsocopo tour, and re-worked "Mothers over Silverpoint" from Noon... A long day (thirteen takes of "Samson Scolded Delilah" alone), but well worth the effort. Kudos to Brian and the invaluable Gil Shuster for their labors; a huge non-thank you thank you to the too-modest Marisa Handren, who stuck it out for hours on end...

(The studio interior; Shuster fiddles while Graham burns... Pic GM 5 Sept 06.)

(Don Fleming blurs fine lines 'twixt May and Manzanera whilst Smythe's florescent tresses glow grey... Pic by Ben Wolcott, 5 Sept 06.)

WFMU: Upcoming Specials

Their copy (I fixed the NAE typo):

To Live and Shave in LA

Tuesday, September 12th, 3pm - 6pm on Brian Turner's show

Two years later, the insanity that was TLASILA's last session on Brian's show returns. On tour to preview a forthcoming release ("Noon and Eternity" on Menlo Park Records), the long-enduring Noise/Concrete/Freedom Rock/Destructo-Dub/ELP-covering/Crazy Frog-loving crew piles all their oscillators, giant amp stacks, and assorted debris into the WFMU live room and crack it open once more. The band this time out: Tom Smith, Graham Moore, Ben Wolcott, Andrew W.K., Rat Bastard, Chris Grier, and Don Fleming. It's gonna melt your brains.

(Four-sevenths of the Horoscopo incarnation of TLASILA, out on the mean-esque streets of bucolic Jersey City. Grier, Smith, Wolcott, Bastard, and much Ernesto-derived dampness... Snap Graham Moore, 5 Sept 06.)

Unable to catch the live broadcast? Reel in the session archive here. BT will post it apres-show.

(Graham Moore ponders a move from the unstable Mac architecture to the dependable Win 95 OS... Sweet! Pic Ben W.)

(Andrew W.K., TS and Chris Grier decide to dump the oft-rehearsed Steve Lacy tribute medley in favor of the n'er-mounted Overkill cover... Damned executive decisions! Pic Ben Wolcott.)


Anonymous said...

the pixs are fuzzy ---but hey i got a chance to hear the archive of the radio broadcast --it was intense!

ommyth said...

Digi-fuzz'd, for sure. Oh well, most of us are accustomed to it. Nice to have pix by Ben and Graham up on the blog, however. Both took hundreds of very cool snaps...

Glad you enjoyed the stream; many thanks for your kind words, Anon. We'll be posting the session for everyone who missed it in the forthcoming hours.



Spaulding007 said...

I dug the WFMU show, Tom. I'm starting to break though.........

ommyth said...

"Break through," or "break, though"?

Inquiring minds!


Anonymous said...

Why did my post from last night get deleted? I didn't post anything bad - only that you're tired all the time like my Mom.

ommyth said...

Anon., this is just a stab in the darkness, but I'm guessing you've never toured with TLASILA. We expend a lot of energy, and receive very little in return. Recovery is part of the process.

Perhaps your mom rode with us in the recent past (we're not opposed to MILF-age); that would certainly explain her fatigue.


Sigue Sigue Sleeplessness

Spaulding007 said...

Ahhhhh! Break THROUGH!

Yeah, break through.

To Live and Shave in L.A. 25th Anniversary Tour: Updated Poster

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