Thursday, October 19, 2006

300th Post...


Paper Thin Walls asked for a Noon and Eternity track to review, and we delivered. Sort of. With each of the album's songs so freakin' long, we instead sent a mashed-up edit of "Early 1880s," Noon's second (and most understated) selection.

Voila! Here's their review, which includes a TLASILA overview (and a bonus Miss High Heel appreciation).

Oh yeah, they gave us an 8.0... Break out the Milwuakee's Best Ice!



Roe said...

Anticipating Noon's release.
What is glam dandyism?



ommyth said...

Dear Roe,

At last, a direct question! ;)

The writer makes reference to the 70s glam/glitter rock stalwarts who influenced many thousands of teen goons (like myself). I grew up in the glam era, in the otherwise bleak days before the 1976 punk explosion. It's no secret that as a kid I was a huge Roxy Music/Bowie/T. Rex/Sparks/Jobriath/Cockney Rebel fan.

Was there a direct aesthetic influence? Absolutely.

(I wasn't too big on The Sweet, Slade, Mud, Gazza Gltter, etc., but in the subsequent years I've grown to appreciate their crazed, shopworn ethos.)

As for dandyism, I'd recommend you confer with the author. I'm not much of a roué, even though I suppose I was fairly debased and opportunistic in my 20s. I dig fine threads, but I don't dress too TRL... Fuck, I'm just me, Roe.

I hereby nominate you for Queen of the Known Universe.



bettina d. said...

Tom Smith, a glam dandy? A little rough around the edges, but yes, more than anyone, he embodies these peculiar (and very appealing) artistic traits. I too anticipate "Noon"!



ommyth said...

Hi Bettina,

Not sure if I accept your premise (although I'm definitely rough around the edges!), but I thank you for your generous appraisal.

As I wrote in my reply to Roe, there's an undeniable influence, but no concrete, covert design. Our tastes evolve over time, but the music we absorb in our teens seems truly to remain in our blood for life... I'm currently rocking Kode 9 and the Spaceape's debut album, but I can slip backwards into For Your Pleasure, The Psychomodo, or The Church of Anthrax in a flash...



Isaac said...

Let's be forthright, shall we?

It's honestly pre-verbal, the sense of aesthetic solidarity and intellectual congruence i'm overcome by every time I spin a Shave dubplate. That said, i'm working on the outline of a research paper for my "Extended Techniques & New Directions in Composition" class, (12-15 pages), and at this point find myself necessarily gravitating towards the idea of constructing a precarious (if not alltogether invisible) scaffolding around a nebula consisting of: the ethics and aesthetics of TLASILA's compositional methods, the situationist's psychogeographical derive, the Homo Sacer and (time warping around a bit) Laszlo Moholy-Nagy's use of photography and "non/anti-records" (1923 was a wonderful year), all veiled in a thick haze of cut-up reflection on the ethics and aesthetics of a politic of ressientment and Braxton-ian insight. Whew... blah blah blah it well may be, but here's one fledgling asking if I might be able to get an interview/ideas with/from you in the interest of growing a dialogue to utilize/illuminate/splay open/excise.


ommyth said...

Hello Issac,

Sure, I'm game. At your leisure.



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