Monday, October 23, 2006


Rat Bastard called half an hour ago with news of Gerard Klauder's death. I'm stunned...

His intellect was fiercely acute, his aesthetic intuition second to none. One of the coolest people ever...

Goddamn, what a fucking tragedy...

Gerard and I started The Smack Shire and Memories of Underdevelopment together. He was erratic, half-crazed, blessed with every material comfort yet often convulsed with doubt and self-loathing.

He "got" me, understood my music, my mind, my sense of humor. I thought he was hilarious - droll, acerbic, just fucking brilliant...

From 2000 to 2001 we turned his three-story quayside townhouse in North Miami Beach into a sort of Bizarro World Playboy Mansion. (The welcome mat might as well have read Bipolar Grindcore Whores Only...) Man, those were great, wasted days. So many amazing people passed through those doors (or, passed out in the elevator).

I'm at a loss.


Reggie Queequeg said...

Oh my god, that's awful!

ommyth said...

We're in shock, Reggie... Such a shame.


Bruno B said...

I must've re-read the e-mail five times, in disbelief. Not sinking in quite yet.

Mike said...

He was very patient with my incessant fanboyish questions about the group:xex reissue. My condolences to his friends and family.

d*rettman said...

only met GK a coupla tymes.. but certainly made an impression.. needless to say, sadness is greatly shared on this end..
will hopefully see ya at the Brkln show this Fryday (hopefully yr still travelin w/Black Meat kru).. maybe share a memorial tipple then..

chimologic said...


this is totally sad.

several crazy adventures with this awesome dude before I moved to new york. will be totally missed.


Dat RoRo Kid said...

i just got word of this through carlos...i'm fucking stunned beyond belief. him and i always had a good laugh and were merry pranksters of the Churchill's scene back when I lived there. What a sense of humor on that guy... His mixes were kick ass and I always saw him as a diamond in the ruff.

Man...I don't even know what to say...this is too fucked up. I don't want to say anything else.

ommyth said...


Thanks for your very thoughtful words. Everyone is totally freaked by GK's death... I've barely slept since receiving the news...

This is a good time to pull together, to mend wounds.

I'm sorry for our past disagreements, Carlos. In the wake of recent developments, they're extraordinarily irrelevant. I offer this public apology and olive branch with sincerity.

No schedule yet for a service, wake, etc. We're ready to move as soon as we get the word.



ommyth said...

Roro, GK was a colossal pain-in-the-ass, for certain. But his talents were immense, his intellect inimitable. An amazing human being...

I'm just so fucking sad; everyone I've spoken to has been similarly affected. Such a tragedy...



Dat RoRo Kid said...

Thanks for the kind words, Tom. I don't even know what the fuck i'm doing here at of those types of things that makes you wonder why the fuck you do the things you do.

It's Roger from Monotract, by the way.

ommyth said...

My words of reconciliation go doubly for you too, Roger. Gerard's dead, my son's in Iraq, my dad's got Alzheimer's... This is no time for pettiness, and I'm sorry for my own.

We artists - regardless of our predilections - should strive to find commonality rather than bicker over trivalities.

I apologize to you and Nancy too...

Hope we can all convene in MIA to celebrate Gerard's crazy life. It's a gut-rending loss.



Roe said...

How truly sad.
Didn't know Mr. K., but he seemed like a really cool dude.
Condolences to all.

Take care, Tom,


ommyth said...

no, i begged off the tour, don. i want to attend the service. this is all such a shame...

roe, thank you for your very kind words... your expression of love and concern is very much appreciated.

love to you both,


Freedom From said...

Boy oh boy, what to say. God damnit Gerard! I can't believe it. I can believe that you have passed on, you lived life like I only at times wish I could.

We were like brothers on the opposite end of the country. I'll never forget our first meeting about 8 years ago. You said one of the most offesive things to me that I'd ever heard and I called you some even more offensive name in response and you replied: "You're my kinda guy!" It blew me away. I could tell you were someone who actually cared.

Whether it was you telling me "when you drive this fast, the cops don't pull you over" driving 120 mph at 3am in Miami or "Tom really does hate you" I always knew to always think the exact opposite of what you said. You were like anti-brother. Despite your protests, you were one caring motherfucker.

I miss you so much. Over these past few years I tried writing you and you always had some fucking different weird email address that made it impossible to get ahold of you, and I knew it was you being you. You slipped past my fingers and I feel so robbed. You were a fucking genius. I loved and love you man.

I'll always remember being at your 3 story pad, and you had like every terrible boy/girl pop group cd like ever made (like seriously 3000 cds) and I asked you why you listened to all that stuff and you answered: "Cause it annoys the shit out of all you noise people," and then you had me record myself playing horribly and made it into something actually palatable. Totally killer. You made sense to me.

What the fuck. Can I just ask? What happened? I swore to god, we were going to have time later in life to really go over all of this time we'd spent together. I feel totally dorky writing this, but god, I tried writing you so much and I never realized that I needed to try harder.

I loved you man, and I still do. I just am having a hard time accepting that you are gone. I've walked around the last 4 days or so and whenever my thoughts go blank I immediately think of you. I always feel that's how someone you love who is now gone stays alive.

You still exist there and you always will. I miss you so much!

I really did think we'd meet again, someday. I just really don't know what to say man. I understand what Tom is saying about how all this other shit is petty.

Tom, you know, you ignored me in Chicago years ago and I understand that you were upset at me, but these kind of things really put shit into serious perspective. I hope that we can start a dialogue again if you are so inclined.

"REVOLUTION!" - G.K. trying to pull me off the couch at Rat's onto Mike Connelly on the floor in 2002 at 5AM, insanely loud.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I don't think I know any of you, but I've been reading your posts and things for information about Gerard, and since I've been feeling a terrible need to share my unhappiness about his death and some memories of him with people who knew him, you guys are it.
In 1995 and 96 I had the great honr of playing drums for Gerard in Chicago in an act he called Sing-Song. We met through Ed Willmore, who produced recordings for both of us (and also payed in Sing-Song, including one show for which his instrument was to break glass bottles in a microphoned box). Besides having a lot of fun, and enjoying his amazing roast beef and fried egg sandwiches, I learned a lot from him, about music and performing.
Just one story, since I have to tell someone: at a show at Chicago's No Exit cafe, Gerard asked me to think of all the beats I could hit in 30 seconds, and stretch that out over thirty minutes. With Gerard leading on a poor nylon string guitar, we opened with a kind of quiet noise environment, notes here and there, no particular coordination among the players, that really did go on for a long time. Much of the audience, expecting the same kind of easy-listening college pop that I would later be performing that night, was getting really restless. How long could he keep this up?
Then, with no particular cue, Gerard played a real chord and began to sing - to sing with that delicate, strange, sad, and beautiful voice of his - and the effect was really pretty magical. The point of the whole intro, I realized, was that with it GK forced the audience to listen to him on his terms, and to hear the beauty of his music with a patience and concentration that would have been impossible for a bunch of college kids just in from the street. From behind the drum set, my nervousness turned into admiration for GK, and pride to be in his weird and great band.
I'm so sorry Gerard decided to do this, and really wish he hadn't. I hadn't been in touch with him since college, which now seems incredible, and inexcusable. I miss him now, and will for a long time. My love to all the rest of you who clearly cared so much for him.
Ben Martin

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