Wednesday, October 04, 2006

New TLASILA photos from Montreal MEG Fest

Taken by Marie-Hélène Tremblay at Sala Rosa, Montréal, on September 1, 2006.

To Live and Shave in L.A.'s set marked the opening night of the three-day MEG Festival...



(The Rat Bastard...)

(An awesome peek, stage left: Frank, Chris, and AWK.)

(Graham, sans hair fan...)

(Ben, sending flares as usual...)

(My favorite shot, although I appear to be off my fucking nut... Andrew, BW, moi, GM, Rat, CG.)

(Rico... Suave! Greer in mid-Greeritude, Sala Rosa.)


Bruno B said...

Great shots! These bring up good memories of an awesome evening.

ommyth said...

Merci, Bruno!

Hope to be in Canada again sometime in '07, possibly June...



Anonymous said...

Is your fly open in that photo? :)
you look Fab.

evan said...

Awesome shots, Tom. Do you have a contact for that cute photog? It was our first time modelling and it'd be cool to see the results. June '07...let's make it happen, man.

ommyth said...

Not sure about the zipper, Anon., but judging from the photo, my yap was certainly agape! There were no fruit flies, mosquitos, or hornets left in Montreal after we departed!


Sweetheart of the Methlab said...

Oh Gutted One,

What are the dates for the East/West and European tours? The Triple Chins can't wait for your arrival!

Are you still at university?

ommyth said...

All done with school for the foreseeable future, Sweetheart. I enjoyed my studies, but I found it increasingly difficult to focus on them. Son in Iraq, father seriously ill, etc. Must attend to the persons and things I most love. I'll be doing muzak full-time from now on.

NE/SE tour begins Dec 13; West Coast in Jan or Feb. Europe in April...



Josh E said...

Hello TLASILA/Tom Smith,

My girlfriend and I took it uposn ourselves to catch three of gigs here in Canada - thanks for being so cool to us after the killer Hamilton performance (you chatted with us and about 15 other fans for over an hour, remember? I'll never forget your kind words of support and enthusiam for our scene - awesome), and for not losing faith after the Toronto gig. I saw the Sala Rossa show too, and I was blown away by the new material. When I later read of your inspiration - your son - I felt very bad for you.

Our warmest thoughts go out to you, your son, your family, and all the guys in TLASILA. The war - as unjust and immoral as I know you believe it to be - has been terrible for Canadian soldiers too.

Love the "Noon and Eternity" tracks you've posted on Myspace. Very excited to hear the album! I bought "Horoscopo" in Toronto (we ran out of cash in Montreal very quickly - the drinks were quite expensive there!), and I liked it very much. The wormhole concept for a remix was very creative.

I'm probably droning on too long, so I'll say goodbye for now.



ommyth said...

Hi Josh,

Thanks very much for your kind words. Yes, I remember you and Myriam - I've listened to the tape (after I transferred it to my laptop and mp3 player) frequently, and I dug it totally. Cheers for giving Chris and I copies...

I'm grateful that you remembered my son (not that I wasn't ranting about Bush and the Iraq debacle for hours after...); he's been at Camp Al-Asad, near Ramadi, for nearly a week now. It's an insanely dangerous place... I feel like shit, basically.

I can't begin to imagine what he's going through.

Regarding Toronto: a sizable swath of the crowd seemed to react (after the fact) with disappointment, but that comes with the territory. Perhaps those in dissent at Sneaky Dee's were expecting something else from us. We gave them TLASILA, circa September '06... Our mutation is constant, a given. We tend not to stand still.

We're happy you enjoyed Horoscopo, and I hope you'll like Noon and Eternity.

Thanks again, Josh. Best to you and your friends in Hamilton. We enjoyed our stay immensely.



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