Wednesday, October 18, 2006


(Edited 22 Oct 06.)

Stirring slowly... Black Meat made its trio debut last night at Atlanta's Eyedrum. Low-key, but effective. The tour begins in Chapel Hill on the 24th...

(The stage, silent, immediately following the set.)

(The tangled web...)

After the gig, we (Bobbie, Graham and I) washed ashore at Buckhead's inimitable Landmark Diner. Not much on the menu for vegans, but the atmosphere more than compensates... Sam Patton (the genius behind the much-missed Blast-Off Video) and I used to regularly convene there for martinis, blather, the hot Bulgarian waitresses, etc. Pardon me while I weep for days gone by...

Cops gather there in the wee hours after closing down their DUI traps in the club district. High-end call girls and their middle-aged marks make it a second home as well. And, as always, one finds pods of gay dudes slathered in glitter mist and more Eastern Europeans than you can shake a bootleg DVD at... A great family joint, no question. Black Meat will return, and soon. Travis will fall in love in a synaptic flash...




(I've removed the Horoscopo review posts and re-routed, re-framed the thread. The discussion can resume there, should a continuation be necessary. Horse whisperers, prepare your handstands!)

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