Monday, November 13, 2006

Another Weekend Snuffed...

Andrew W.K.'s back from Japan; haven't had the opportunity to chat with him yet.

Our booking agent's ironing out the final details of the December tour in support of Noon; we'll be organizing the West Coast trip (scheduled for January) shortly thereafter.

Still haven't sloughed off the chest cold, or whatever the fuck it is. Had my annual physical on Wednesday, and my doctor said I was in perfect health. Thus, confusion reigns... Our next album will be an extended meditation on the politics of phlegm.

Working overtime on the final mix for Les Tricoteuses. I promised the master to Manu at Savage Land a month ago... Merde! I'm too obsessed for my own good.

Bygones Dept: I've officially broken bread with Weasel. Once and for all, about stinking time. After GK's suicide, I refuse to entertain absurd grudges... We'll cross-promote the reissue of the TLASILA 2 album, basking in the (limited) glory thereof. Yeah, it's just a TLASILA radio session from '99, but so what? WW mixed the hell out of it... Excuse me while I touch up my rainbow appliqués.

Lotsa movie viewing: Grigori Chukrai's brilliant (and way sentimental) Death of a Soldier, Bob Altman's crazed 3 Women, and a clutch of films from Universal's Best of Bela Lugosi collection: The Invisible Ray, Black Friday (which for some reason really scared the shit out of me when I first saw it as a pup), and the still-powerful 1932 slaughter-fest Murders in the Rue Morgue. (The first two topline Boris Karloff, of course...)

(Shelley Duvall as the stubbornly oblivious Millie in Robert Altman's mesmerizing 1977 classic 3 Women.)

Haven't slept much in the last year - maybe five hours per night on average. Really starting to drive me batty. Finally broke down and ate the two halves of my last Xanax on Thursday and Friday. It was so cool to observe my body slipping away from cranial tendrils. Seven hours of snooze time both nights. But, what the Hell, might as well stay awake forever. I'd hate to miss anything!

(It was grand to sleep more than usual, but now that the stash is all gone I'll have to rough it. Not that I'd been going hog wild - it took me over two years to eat ten 0.5 miligram tabs! Love is hoarding pharmaceuticals...)

Ecstatic Peace sent out a Best of 2006 poll (and holiday horrors checklist) for contributors of TM's Poetry Journal, EP recording artistes, and associated hacks (that'd be me). Unless something completely sick slides under the screen door in the next few weeks, my fave single remains DJ Distance's Traffic / Cyclops 12" (on Planet Mu); my absolute favorite alb of '06 is Kode9 and the Spaceape's Memories of the Future CD (on Hyperdub). Both fucking stellar. As for the other queries, buy the mag, I guess.

After Tuesday's glorious rout, all the television monitors at the university gym have suddenly been switched from Fox News to Lifetime. (Still, far better to hump the treadmill to Stephanie Powers than John Gibson...)

Enough blag for now. Hope everyone's well.



Spaulding007 said...

There is nothing I wanted more than to be in Japan from Nov. 6-10. I've heard the shows there stunningly amazing. SIGH...

Depending on what my courseload is like next semester and what the post-graduation job market is looking like, I may have to go on an A.W.K. Tour sabbatical if he decides to make the rounds in the U.S. of A. anytime soon.

Any news on the extended TLASILA tour yet?

Anonymous said...

Hey Tom,

Pas de problème. You still have a few days to finish your homework.
I'm also waiting for Weasel's master for our other january (well... let's say "early 2007") release.

It's cool that you're friends with WW again. Now I can admit i love the TLASILA2 album.

I'm of course very sorry about Gerard Klauder's death. I don't mean to pretend i knew the man, but he was definitely a discreet presence in my musical universe.
The Smack Shire is one of the greatest labels on Earth, and I'm currently discovering his works via the huge mp3 archive.
I especially enjoy The Pavel Jerdanovitch "mix" CD. (so much better than all of John Oswald's plunderphonics!!!)

I hope you're ok.


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