Friday, November 03, 2006

Darkness, Darkness...

My parents and I were having lunch in the living room this afternoon, tucking into a curry while watching the latest sordid developments in the Ted Haggard meth / "massage" scandal. While mom, a lifelong Democrat, laughed at the inanity of it all, dad, a Goldwater conservative, seemed unusually wistful. Mother and I discussed the particulars of the case - its ironies, its potential effect on Tuesday's elections, its effective cancellation of the Kerry fracas, etc. Dad seemed to listen attentively. He cleared his throat, made a sweeping hand gesture, and proceeded to ask about a plot of land he'd once owned 25 years ago in Florida...

Alzheimer's is a fucking bitch.


a grey angel said...

And I predict the Haggard story, pending a full confession, will be buried by Monday seeing that the timely sentencing of Saddam Hussein is expected to take place over the next few days. How lovely that the are expected to sentence the ace of spades to death a convenient day before the midterm elections!!!

a grey angel said...

oh... and Tom, search youtube for Borat deleted scenes.
For instance this
of Borat at the Arizona State Penitentiary is quite nice.

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