Sunday, November 05, 2006

Gerard Klauder CD-R Archive


Received an email this morning from Rat Bastard - he's begun a Gerard Klauder archive on his Squelchers web, in the process uploading mp3s and cover art scans from 29 (!) of GK's very limited edition CD-R releases. Each album is presented in its entirety.

My suggestion?

Race to the Gerard Klauder Archive.

Good on ya, Rattus. Well done.





a grey angel said...

amazing, will have to dl more when i am back at Pamela's--i think you passed of your cold onto me--99.7 since Sunday

Anonymous said...

FYI: Rat seems to have left an open
directory here:

If you use Firefox and have
and a download manager like Free
Download Manager

then snagging the archive is a breeze.

Bruno B said...

Took a while, but I downloaded the whole lot of them. Many hours of listening ahead...

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