Friday, November 24, 2006

Like Flies...

Pere Mort has been busy today... Alexander Litvinenko succumbed, as did the great Phillipe Noiret, Betty Comden (I'm sure our pal Kimbo Rancourt could spin a few tales of her Broadway exploits), Fatima Omar Mahmud al-Najar (the Palestinian grandmother of 40 (!) who ignited a suicide vest earlier in the afternoon), and (at least) 161 charred and serrated souls in one dreadful swoop in Baghdad. Tip o' the ice shelf, but fuck... Give it a rest, Death!

Evan, keep your head down.



(Musical theatre, opera, and other increasingly abstruse popular arts demand much of their creative talent; Comden, here pictured in 1944 with composer Leonard Bernstein, choreographer Jerome Robbins, and her writing partner of 50 years Adolph Green, made such exertions seem effortless... Comden-Green's "On the Town" must now appear as alien to contemporary fans of Fe-Mail as Coum Organisation would have to late '60s attendees of a Swingin' Medallions performance...)

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