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The folks at have been asking a few muso types for their thoughts on Tuesday's Dem smackdown of Bush's calamitous presidency, his oafish, immoral Iraq policy, and that goddamned smirking squint. My words have been added to the mix. Everybody's Talking About...

As you're all doubtless aware, Macaca Allen conceded in VA. Now that we've taken back the Congress, it's time for... Fuck, anything not resembling the last sixsixsix years. Fingers and shrapnel-etched stumps crossed.



Spaulding007 said...

Never in a million years would I have hoped the Democrats win an election. At this point, however, they appear to be the lesser of two evils.


Our country will never truly see peace and prosperity until the true voice of its people - the moderate, middle-class - is able to break through to the blind, two-partied system in which both factions refuse to recognize a sensible, logical, and just middle ground solutions to issues that people actually give a shit about.

ommyth said...

I feel you, 00, but Bush and Co. are fascists - no amount of fact-smudging or partisan rhetorical meandering can obscure that essential truth. We have to be rid of them, period.

Torture, illegal wiretapping, the descecration of our Constitution, the gutting of habeus corpus, a senseless occupation predicated on baldfaced lies? I can assure you that these were not top priority issues among the middle classes.

I agree that the time is nigh to forge some sort of median consensus, but Jesus fucking fuck! We have years and years of serious damage to repair. Today's NYT reports that Iraqi civilian deaths have topped 150,000. My son could very well end up as American death #2,900. You think I'm psyched for that? Hell no.

Off with their fucking heads, say I. Send the neocon cocksuckers to Hell.

To those not responsible for these travesties, yes, Democrats need to take the high ground and seek compromise, a middle path, forged solutions.

You're absolutely correct in that assertion, Spaulding. A dialogue is essential.



Spaulding007 said...

It's kinda strange... I was about to question your assertion that President Bush and his cronies are "fascists". I mean, I understand how people can be angry and frustrated with Mr. Bush's failed policies and astounding ignorance, but fascists, Tom? Fascists?...

And then I started to think about the Bush's connection to Skull and Bones, Skull and Bones' connection to the Illuminati and George Bush Sr.'s infamous 1990 "New World Order" speech. And on top of it all, the theories presented in Loose Change. Fascists, Tom?

Maybe, I'm not totally convinced, but just maybe you're not so far from that "essential truth" afterall.

ANYWAYS... I'm not so certain that the issues you mentioned aren't viewed as "important" to the middle class. Yeah, I guess where the middle class' views differ from the liberal perspective is in its prioritization. You're right, these issues may not have been top priority. "Important," yes. "Essential," maybe not so much. But I definately don't think the middle class has fully endorsed the up-until-now ultraconservative federal government's stance on these issues, either.

I honestly don't know what the official "moderate" stance might be on many of those issues, either. Moderates, whether they end up just to the left or right, are so underrepresented in the government and in the media. I'm really frustrated that there aren't any strong moderate figureheads, a movement. There's nothing. UGH - it's such a complicated issue. And there's just not enough space on this blog to have an adequate discussion. I don't know...

For what it's worth... As a moderate, I can tell you the issues mentioned do matter to me and I understand finding solutions to these matters are vital to our nation's best interests.

You're absolutely right. We've got a lot of work to do to get our country back on track. Damage repair, as you called it. But I don't think the best solution is going to come from the far-left liberals, and it certainly isn't coming from the far-right neocons. So who, or what, is left?...

What's going on in Iraq is absurd, it's gotten so out of hand and completely out of our control. Pulling everyone out now isn't the best solution in my opinion. But niether is "staying the course." I think the best solution is to tell the Iraqi government, which according to the current leadership is supposedly this shining example of what we've accomplished thusfar, that they need to take control of the situation. The sooner they do that, the sooner our troops come home. And if they show that they're totally incompetent and beyond our aide... we need to establish a gradual timeline for bringing the troops home - even if it means acknowledging that we've lost the war there.

At some point, we need to realize that we don't need to be the world's police - especially when the world doesn't want our help. I think a period of political isolationism and neutrality would do our country some good.

I sincerely hope that your son returns from Iraq safely. I had a close cousin who was in Afghanistan, Sudan, and Iraq for the past four years. He returned phsyically unharmed and in good spirits. I truly wish your son a similar return.

If you're interested in discussing any of this further, feel free to e-mail me or something.

Peace, Tom.


ommyth said...

We should probably save this conversation for later, 00. It's a very complicated issue, perhaps too weighty to be adequately addressed within the confines of such a leisurely redoubt as TLASILA Blog.

That noted, I don't use terms like "fascist" lightly. The Federal German Prosecutor's Office, which on Wednesday announced that it would seek war crimes indictments against Rummy, Gonzales, Tenet, and others, most likely wouldn't wish to bring "moderates" to trial.

It is my assertion that most Americans are, by default, moderate. People espousing "hard left" positions are in the minority. The "radical right," unfortunately, has enjoyed a good deal more attention (and clout) than they deserve; their numbers far outstrip those of the Hard Left.

Having visited Scandinavia, and in realization - in my opinion - of how well their systems work in comparison to our own, I suppose I would call myself a...

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