Tuesday, November 21, 2006

We Have a Contender...

I've such a backlog of drum and bass to sort through... Christ, I feel as though I'll never catch up. I'm at least six weeks behind, and there are 156 - count 'em - new dubplates splayed before me. It's nothing I should complain about, of course. On any scale of trivialities, this crisis would trip the you-gotta-be-fucking-joking meter. Still, it's my job to sniff around the frayed edges of jungle's undercarriage, and a few minutes ago I finally got round to a brilliant slab of vinyl from early October.

DJ Hidden - Dead Silence EP (Fear Records UK, 12'')

This is fucking wicked.

Here's a taste of the AA side, "Radiosilence."

(Above, Noël Wessels, aka DJ Hidden. Pic pilfered from discogs.com.)


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