Sunday, November 19, 2006

Work Work Work Work Work Work Work

Les Tricoteuses has taken control of my mind.

Manu (the proprietor of Savage Land Records) has now added TLASILA to the label's roster of artists, or at least has begun hinting that there's a release lurking. I'm guessing he's waiting for my over-meticulous ass to finish the goddamned album already.

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Anonymous said...

Just finished listening to the 1st 5 tracks from Les Tricoteuses.
It's gonna be a great album!
I have a hard time believing it's based on the same material as the Mitchell Brothers CD though.


ommyth said...

Hello Manu!

The tracks I posted for you were created and completed throughout the first six months of 1997 at Microgroove Studios in Decatur, Georgia, which was located just a few kilometers outside of the city limits of Atlanta.

I usually worked on my material afterhours, when the paying clients had long departed. On many evenings, I would be working in the main studio, while Scott Herren (Prefuse 73) would be ensconsed in the mini-studio he'd crafted out of the tape library. It was a manic time - the studio hummed continuously.

Yes, the album was forged from the master tapes (the old ADAT format) made during the recording of An Interview with the Mitchell Brothers.

Les Tricoteuses is - for lack of a better term - an extreme dub reconfiguration of that album.

The changes I'm making now are primarily to the edits, crossfades, transitions, beds, etc.

I've been doing computer editing since 1991, when I first was hired by the Spanish-language TV network Telemundo as an audio engineer. However, the equipment available to us then - and in 1997 - was fairly primitive compared to what we have today. Processors were very slow, and music software was in its infancy. This restoration allows me the opportunity to present the album as I originally heard it in my head!

There were extraneous elements added to the original Mitchell Brothers tracks at the time of Les Tric's creation, but those were essential - by my way of thinking - to launching the parallel narrative. Billy Taylor, formerly of Melted Men and an occasional contributor and touring member of TLASILA between 1997-1998, provided the short, weird, warbled tape intros. I also added new vocals to several of the tracks; these appear in discrete sections within the older, dubbed-out tracks. Listen to the album preview a few more times and the overall picture should become more focused for you.

Happy to hear that you're enjoying the sounds! Working on track six - "Bursts Sedate" - now. It's eleven minutes in length, and I've just saved work on 0:00 through 7:13. Making progress!



Mousie Dong said...

How is "Noon" doing on the charts? Amazon has dropped the price to $6.58 or so.

What's going on with Black Meat, Graham, Travis and Bobbie? Dog, did you get it on with Bobbie? Is that why we don't hear about them any more?

ommyth said...


Why would you wish to lie to the readers of this blog? Naughty, naughty!

As of 3:00 AM, November 20, 2006, Amazon's retail price for Noon is $10.98.

Twenty-one wholesalers and retail mail-order outlets offer it at prices ranging from $7.29 to $16.00.

Our current domestic sales ranking is an, er, impressive #136,885! Still lagging behind K-Fed (who's at #7,941), but time is on our side...

Bobbie, Graham, Travis and I send you holiday greetings!


Mousie Dong said...

More overwrought redubs of other redubs? No wonder the Toronto enthusiasts were angry and disappointed.

ommyth said...

Mousie, I thank you for posting! Your emotions simmer beneath the surface of your writing, and the passionate swirl is most revealing. Please feel free to return at any time.

That noted, I'm not quite following you.

How might one anger or disappoint the enthused? Perhaps you meant to employ one of the analogues of "enthusiast" - "zealot" comes to mind, as does "bigot". Do you thus mean to ascribe a mindset of fanaticism to the residents of an entire city? Mousie, you may owe the great metropolis of Toronto an apology.

Furthermore, are you suggesting that Canadians are likely to express antagonism or frustration when encountering variations, multiples, or repeating patterns? Have you scientifically verifiable proof of these purported behaviors?

There is no empirical evidence to support your assertion that a "redub" may be "overwrought". To the best of my knowledge, recorded media neither exult nor sulk.

Sir, recorded media are inanimate. They "feel" nothing.

These objections notwithstanding, yours are a striking set of hypotheses. I look forward to your next presentation!



Mousie Dong said...

I'll bet your vagine snaps shut at the sight of these risibly nuanced vagaries.

ommyth said...


Vagaries, by nature, cannot be nuanced; things that we might describe as "risible" rarely exhibit delicacy, gradation, or subtlety.

The "big words" only work for you if you've befriended them, MD. You are a good person - you can do it!

I appreciate circus folk as much as the next amateur anthropologist, but you mustn't confuse your familial traits with those of others. For instance, our brood have beach umbrellas where your folks' vagines are apparently located. My neighbor, an ageing Ted from Managua, reports he has a "priest carrying a bundle" instead of a "garotte". It's a weird, wonderful world.

Please, please, continue to share! You are an open book, and we love you for it.



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