Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Thank fucking Christ... The Dems have wrested control of the House, and are still in contention for a one-seat majority in the Senate. Even if MO, MT, and VA remain in the gnarled clutch of the GOP, it'll mean two years of tough scat for Bush, Rove and fellow meth-bottom vermin...

Viva Pelosi!


Caught Eastwood's austere, masterful Flags of Our Fathers earlier in the evening. It's performed poorly at domestic feedlots (as of last weekend, a mere $35 million return on a 90 mil investment), but since when did any of you (readers of TLASILA Blog, that is) plop ducats for a Terri Clark or Razorlight alb?

(Okay, Gerard Klauder would have, but for him - and me, if I may be allowed to draft - po(o)p variants were noise, and "noise" was/is soporific.)

Flags is too nuanced, a bit of a downer for flyover yobs. Bobbleheads cite the docudrama's absence of A-list cast wattage has having blunted its BO impact. (By the way, Domhnall Gleeson and Alison Pill have just signed on to star in Saw IV.) Ultimately, who gives a crap about perceived negatives?

Give it up for Clint and absorb an excellent film.

(A phonecam grab from the end credit sequence of Flags of Our Fathers; pic by TS taken November 7, 2006 at the GTC Stadium 16 in Valdosta, GA.)


FYI: Saw Borat Friday; seditious, audacious, utterly brilliant...

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