Saturday, January 20, 2007

Minutiae Unveiled...

Another very busy week... Here's what I've been up to:

1) I began preliminary sketches for a remix I'm doing for Fanny; 2) I'm still wrapping up the post-production of the Miss High Heel album for Blossoming Noise; 3) continued work on the forthcoming TLASILA release on Teenage Whore; 4) submitted a short piece commissioned by the editor of We Are Bandwagon zine (I was only three days late!); 5) assembled a new quartet of Les Tricoteuses loop studies for our MySpace profile; 6) mapped out the TLASILA half of a forthcoming split 12" with Italian malcontents Harshcore; 7) hit the gym every day (save for Thursday); 8) saw my father become progressively more ill; 9) didn't hear from my son (fuck Bush, by the way); 10) received a letter and five recent photographs from Elvira Solodkaja - she's bought a new car, and seems quite proud of it; 11) listened to Zofka's latest album, Bikini, again and again (I've been to St. Tropez - on the cheap, mind - so it all makes sense, plus I really like Myriam, the group's resident chanteuse - she tolerates my appalling French); 12) twice watched the Criterion version of Seijun Suzuki's devastating, gloriously unsentimental Story of a Prostitute; 13) missed several cell messages from Andrew W.K.; 14) almost finished reading Friedrich Dürrenmatt's The Judge and His Hangman; 15); was invited to perform at the 404 Noise fest in Atlanta (I've agreed to, in a trio comprised of Graham Moore (TLASILA, Black Meat, Blossoming Noise, etc.) and Andrew Barranca from Gay Bomb); 16) received an outstanding parcel of new discs from Reto Mader (!); 17) slept whenever I could (not much luck, however); 18) mailed CDs, responded to emails, consumed a great deal of feminizing soy, etc.

Love to All,



Andrew said...

Well, I will just say that I finally got my ass to my favorite of the two independent record stores I know of in Cincy, and picked up Noon and Eternity.


Bruno B said...

Speaking of... you're probably aware of this already, but Pitchfork has put up a positive review of "Noon..." very recently.

JT said...

I liked Story of a Prostitute okay, but in terms of Suzuki whore movies, definitely prefer Gate of Flesh, probably just cuz it's kinkier. Have neglected a lot of mid/late 60s Japanese new wave/kick ass film lately, but past favorites include Go, Go Second Time Virgin, The Pornographers and Pale Flower in case you're interested.
Also, please come to Denver on any upcoming Tom Smith/TLASILA activity. Rhinoceropolis to be more specific. Am going to see su/o/a (bject) there tonight.

ommyth said...

Hello JT,

I too am an admirer Gate of Flesh, but Yumiko Nogawa's performance in Prostitute slays me. The Pornographers is an all-time fave.

(Woe, however, unto The New Pornographers!)

The Denver date we seek is April 29. Not knowing much about Mile High City venues, I first sent messages to Monkey Mania. After nearly two weeks they've not bothered to reply.

Who do I contact at Rhinoceropolis? We're ready to rev up the turbine.



JT said...

Definitely an excellent acting job. Can't argue with that. Am cutting up scenes from Andrzej Zulawski's Possession for a video project and am confronted with Isabelle Adjani's performance in that film. Possibly my favorite female acting job ever.
Don't know anyone at Rhinoceropolis. Their email is and the people who work/live there are Buddy, Warren, Travis, Justin, and Brittany. Or so says their myspace page.
There's another decent Denver DIY venue I've heard tell of called Blastomat, but they don't appear to have any sort of internet presentation.
But yeah, Rhinoceropolis seems like a pretty competent warehouse/art space/venue as far as that sort of thing goes!
Monkey Mania fell into the hands of a bunch of flakes and is now no more I believe. Good riddance to idiots.
And good luck to the Shave on the road!

ommyth said...

You don't rate Britney's perf in Crossroads as being on a par with Ms. Adjani's from Possession? Duuuuuuude!

Awesome film, the latter. Now I'm thinking of Demon Seed!

The Rhinoceropli have been sent an email; here's to their possible assent and a loud night in Denver!



JT said...

Can't fuckin wait! Don't think they used Ms. Spears best angles in Crossroads. Otherwise, gutsy move.

ommyth said...

Monkey Mania finally responded to my email, JT, but as I'm now awaiting other replies I've suggested they allow me to get back to 'em. No regular access to the Internet, apparently. (Sorry, I'm loathe to further flay the "internets" pony.) Uncertain if the flakes were extruded from bran or parsley, but once shaken, they seem to readily fall... Britney was very hot back in the skin-tight catsuit with python accoutrement days, but post-Fed, she's an old dishrag. Can't scrub the Captain D's off once you'd been dipped in the batter. I suspect a bath with Adjani would be less guilty pleasure and more plaisir pur.

Anyhow, we're hoping for a positive outcome in Denver. See you eventually!


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