Saturday, January 06, 2007

No Winter, But Flurries Just the Same...

It must have been in the mid-70s yesterday... Whether attributable to El Niño phenomena or good ol' American greenhouse emissions, the climate is screwy, the weather miserable. I need the cold...

Working non-stop. Today I wrapped a thirty-minute TLASILA piece for Israeli label Ron_Zed; last week, I completed what turned out to be an exhaustive overhaul of the six hours of mixes created in 1995-6 for the Miss High Heel studio album. Blossoming Noise will be issuing that very tardy compilation (The Family's Hot Daughter) in the upcoming months. Crazy lineup: Weasel Walter, Jim Magas, Azita Youseffi, Jim O'Rourke, Jodie McCann, Nondor Nevai, Chuck Falzone, Bill Pisarri (the latter two gents members of the formidable mid-90s incarnation of Flying Luttenbachers), and myself.

OHNE will definitely be reuniting in 2007, with a second album of original music and a debut American tour (probably to occur in the autumn) on tap. As always with Dave, Daniel and Reto, the possibilities are limitless. Really looking forward to this one.

Sudden Infant / Schimpfluch Collective maestro Joke Lanz and I have decided to embark on a project together, one either geared toward TLASILA or some sort of duo configuration. I've admired Joke for years (I first witnessed Sudden Infant live in Paris in 2002, and was completely blown away), and I'm very excited to be working with him. Look initially for some sort of short-form album, perhaps one geared toward the vinyl 12" format. We've still a few details to sort out... Joke and I are like-minded sods - it turns out we once dated the same (wonderful) girl -- a few years apart from each other, mind! Brother malcontents, we're well-suited for sonic fornication.

What else? At least a dozen other TLASILA projects in queue, including a Noon remix album, a pair of split twelves (with Vancouver's Totally Ripped and blithe Italian finger cymbal merchants Harshcore), a still-in-progress cassette for the Teenage Whore imprint, long-due collaborations with Kevin Drumm, Alexei Borisov, Helsinki's Aprox., and a newer one with Miami's brilliant Dino Felipe. And still more... I'm wrecked just thinking about it all.

TLASILA Tour Update: the West Coast finally gets fucked in May. Two weeks in the bush are planned. Apologies for the delays! We arrive in Europe in July, but we may see Paris earlier (also in May). A short slog through the Northeast will likely accompany our next studio recording sessions in NYC. We're tentatively scheduled to record again at Sonic Youth's Echo Canyon (or whatever they're calling it now) facility, recently relocated to balmy Hoboken. Thurston will likely be on the eventual album, one that should include many of the compositions debuted during the Horoscopo lurch through Canada last September.

Andrew W.K. and I are currently writing songs for one of his two (?) upcoming albums, and plans are afoot to give a handful of recent TLASILA tunes the widescreen AWK treatment. Psyched? Bet your sweet ass.


If you've not yet purchased it, make a beeline for the TCM Archives DVD collection Forbidden Hollywood Volume One. The 1932 potboiler Red-Headed Woman (featuring Jean Harlow at her vampish apogee), and the James Whale-directed 1931 curio Waterloo Bridge (with the beautiful Mae Clarke) are fairly spicy for their time, but the newly discovered, uncut version of 1933's Baby Face, starring a completely out-of-control Barbara Stanwyck, is as close to mind-blowing as Prohibition-era cinema gets. Her character brazenly, unsentimentally sleeps her way to the top (twice!), guided by the writings of Frederick Nietzsche! Amazing film...


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Bruno B said...

Winter is non-existent too up here in Quebec, which is really surprising. Hadn't had a green Christmas like this since the early 1980's, and there's still no snow now. It's just rainy and muggy. Gross.
Awesome news on all the upcoming projects though, thanks for the update. Anticipating much earbud excitement.

ommyth said...

Hey Bruno!

Mon ami, it's even hotter here today. Can't we just crush all the fucking cars and turn the interstate highways into immense, Astroglide slathered slip 'n' slides?

There are too many projects! I'm living a monk's existence as it is, and hunkering down 27/8 to finish all these meisterwerks is wrecking my (spray-on) tan!

Did you get Noon? I need to forward you a few copies if not. Send your mailing address via email and I'll hook you up.


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