Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Diamanda Galás - Faust. Eros. Tod (1982/1988)

Hello Again,

Moved by the astonishing example set by Mutant Sounds (and that of the many other admirable shareblogs), I've decided to post a handful of rarities myself. Interested parties should find these to be sufficiently difficult to obtain.

Please note the word "handful" - maybe 50, tops. We all have other things to do.

Some, as with this first post, have been ripped from albums I own. A large chunk of the series will be comprised of recordings I copied from Rudolf's personal archive while rehearsing with OHNE in Aarau, Switzerland in 2002.

(I make no bones of it; Mr.'s aesthetic judgments have proven exquisite time and again. Bravo, sir!)

There'll be no schedule. I'll upload when I've extra time.

Rapidshare only - no bitching, please. If you find these to your liking, make copies for your friends. Or, find a way to have them legitimately issued, re-released, banned, etc. Just get off your arse and make something happen.


Diamanda Galás - Faust. Eros. Tod

(LP, 1982 bootleg recording, released 1988.)

Availability: sold out, dead and buried.

01 Les Litanies des Satan (17:06)
02 Hymne a la Beauté (13:22)

(Ripped at 320 kbps from the album I purchased at Atlanta's Wax N Facts in 1988. Approx. 70 MB, compressed into an RAR file.)

Get it here.

(New link added July 12, 2010.)

No need to pontificate - it's essential, it's yours. Take and eat.



Anonymous said...

thxalot...for all of your sharing! i will spread this!

jobsearching in accordance with the rule of law, aé

Bruno B said...

GREAT stuff, thank you very much. Looking forward to the next one(s)... I remember the list you'd started posting of the albums taped from's collection a while back, many interesting items. No need to pander to the eBay vultures for this one anymore at least!

ommyth said...

Anything to drive down the resale value of a collectible, gents!

No, j/k. ;)

I definitely believe that of all the arts, music is necessarily communal. Preserving an artifact is one thing, but hoarding impossible-to-find releases that others would doubtless enjoy listening to is a damnable sin. Just doing my very small part. Jim at Mutant Sounds is the once-and-future-king, of course. His/their output has been phenomenal.

Hope you'll continue to enjoy these and our TLASILA-related offerings.



Isaac Linder said...

Thank you, thank you. All of these gifts are so welcome out here in the snow-drenched, record desolate mid-west. Richard Chartier was the first gent to turn me onto Diamanda- "a crazy Greek woman who sings about her brother who died of AIDS". Glib, maybe- intrigued, I went out and bought Plague Mass, Vena Cava, etc, etc. Mind you this was back 9th grade, when grindcore really was the hottest item on my radar... but dear (questionably)holy god- this takes the cake. Really makes me sigh a distraught sigh for all the late 90's Chocolate Monk actions that i really thought were "onto something". Dove siete, Russolo!?

ommyth said...

Luigi is resting quietly... Direct Waves recently posted a near-definitive DIY compilation of Russolo's work; perhaps you should give the site a whirl... Of course, there are scads of LR appearances on at least a dozen Dada/Futurist compendia. Pick and choose at your leisure.

Chocolate Monk was/is sublime. Dylan, Dora, Karen... Truly beautiful people.

Galas has few peers. Brilliant in almost every way. (I hated the John Paul Jones collab, however. Too rock-tinged for my liking, although I'm certain they both had a blast making it, etc.)



Isaac Linder said...

agreed (about the JPJ collaboration)

nick said...

Unfortunately, it disappeared... I would really like to get this - any chance of a repost?

ommyth said...

It's been reposted, Nick - go to the top of the blog (newest posts first) and scroll down.



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