Monday, February 19, 2007

INC / Rapidshare Gripes...


Just in from the final day of the INC.

I'm fried.

Saturday's 14-hour (!) onslaught left everyone glazed... Costes' fest-closing performance of Little Birds Shit raised the bar for frenetic disquisitions of American malaise a thousandfold. Phenomenal...

I'm so proud to be in a motley lil' combo with Rat - brilliant execution, ya freak. His INC makes the other, more prominent festivals pale by comparison. Not kidding one iota... Vortices of sound, blurred, collapsed, subsumed, a continuous ravishment and betrayal of mood, meter, and motive. Outstanding.


Apologies for dragging some of you into the Raipdshare morass - it's convenient for me, as I have an account. I'll post the next few archival uploads via EasyShare (or whatever the Hell it's called), and gauge your feedback afterwards.

More Tomorrow,



mikey said...

yeah, i cant figure out how to use this rapidshare. it's like a carrot dangling in front of my face. maybe you could reserve copies of archival stuff when i see yall in may if i cant figure this outl.//./....

mikey said...

yea, i miss the good ol days of just clicking on "save target as"... especially since i'm usually drunk when i'm on this computer.

ommyth said...

Hello mikey,

Rapidshare isn't difficult - click on the link provided, choose a download path from either the "premium" or "free" queue, and then select one of the several server options provided. Click "save file," and proceed.

Some ingrates (uh, I mean loyal readers!) have been crying over Rapidshare's requirement that users without accounts must wait an hour between downloads. If one frequents a number of shareblogs, such a policy might prove to be a significant impediment to avarice.

I'll find a compromise solution, or post to both to RS and other, ad-supported sites, or dump the lot. I'm exhausted after the Miami trip, and I don't care to think about this now. Fading fast.

Thanks for writing again.


a grey angel said...

I crashed until 6PM after you guys dropped me off. Saw Santas briefly before the crash, he thought I was completely trashed. Pamela just said, "No he just came back from the INC in Miami." Thanks for taking me along, I did in fact have a good time. I definately enjoyed just spending time with you and Graham. How did the video turn out? YouTube it!


Dat RoRo Kid said...

uggghhh...sorry i fuckin' missed the INC, man. I was all ready to go and then it fuckin' snowed on Valentine's Day (my flight left that evening) and all other flights were either booked up until Sun morning or seriously out of my budget. I'm sure it was total fuckin' sickness, as expected.


next year, right?....

ommyth said...

Hey Patrick,

I'm only coming out of the trance now, and it's Wednesday. Caught a mild cold nonetheless - I chalk it up to stress more than the temperature dip in Miami, but I'm sniffling and don't like it.

Haven't checked out the video yet, but I will soon. If our set merits voyeuristic appraisal, I'll post it either to MySpace or YouTube. I'm frankly more interested in the footage of Nandor and his hamburger!

See you soon,


ommyth said...

Hello DRRK!

Roger, it was bliss. Not all the acts were as together (or top-ranked, or even aesthetically intriguing) as those we'd find at NFF, ATP, or the various European festivals, but as a whole, it was a whirling hall of machetes. 120 bands and solo performers, no breaks, BOOM BOOM BOOM. The effect was genuinely intoxicating and ultimately, totally exhausting. Saturday was insane...

Wish you could have been there! Did your airline at least offer you a free fare or voucher for your inconvenience? (Or at least a pack of pretzels?)

Hope all is well.

Best to you and everyone,


Bruno B said...

So, Costes... worth investigating on some records, or merely interesting/great as a live act?

ommyth said...

Hello Bruno,

Costes' work is less hit-or-miss and more cumulative blur... Certain of his recordings celebrate (and are thus rooted in) abject infantilism; others are almost heartbreakingly poignant. A third variety tilt with familiar social taboos, to usually benign effect.

His extended performance pieces, however, have of late been striking. In my opinion, "Little Birds Shit" - at least in the performance offered for INC patrons - was extraordinary.

As to preferred selections from his discography, let your loins be your guide. I've really only heard a handful of his albums.

Daniel Lowenbrucke of OHNE released Costes' Machine Gun Bible CD in 2002, and it falls into the second of the three categories I outlined above. A beautiful work.

His foreign-language recordings are interesting - Osaka-based label Temple of Be777 issued a phonetic Japanese cassette in the mid-90s which I quickly grew to love...

Hope this helped shed at least a filament of light on a mercurial, chocolate-slathered subject, BB.



Bruno B said...

That does help, thanks!

Dat RoRo Kid said...

Sorry for the delayed and bullshit, ya know...

Yea, airline gave me a full refund but that doesn't make up for shit, really. I guess I'll have to come down and do some SERIOUS beach time in April or so.

Hope you're well.


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