Sunday, February 25, 2007

TLASILA on YouTube > Newly Posted Video

A few days ago, YouTube regular Timestereo posted a sweet pro B&W edit of To Live and Shave in L.A.'s September 14, 2004 performance at the Detroit Art Space.

We had no idea... Don Fleming was the first of the group to discover Timestereo's work.

The bonus? It looks pretty fucking cool!

(The above isn't a hyperlink, just a YouTube imagegrab. So don't go clickin' your brains out.)

The ensemble comprised Mark Morgan, Ben Wolcott, Rat Bastard, Andrew W.K., the aforementioned Mr. Fleming, and your semi-faithful blogger Tom Smith, with majordomo Chris Grier, who can be seen in wide shots interrogating showgirls with a safety razor. The makeshift bar by the tangle of old ten-speeds is always the place to be...

Get it here:

Thanks obviously to Timestereo, who I would admire even more if he'd instead chosen Timeshare as a moniker...



JT said...

Please to replicate experience in the Denver?

ommyth said...

Hello, JT, and thanks for writing.

Replicate, as in 1) give a similar performance, or 2) allow another video to be made?

1) We're never the same - we always seem to change from tour to tour, often dramatically so. This outing will be no different. We hope you'll dig whatever the Hell it is we eventually do.

In Denver, we're planning a 300-minute dulcimer solo.

2) I don't mind if people film/record/transmit our live sets, as long as they talk to us before they release anything (DVD, CD, tape, etc.), and give us - at the very least - 10 copies of same (preferably more, at least three per group member).

Otherwise, you'll find us quite tolerant.



JT said...

Oh something different for sure! Dulcimers, Pears of Anguish, whatever. But same level of energy and fun I'd hope! And while it's on topic, I'd love to shoot a video of you guys in Denver.

Tom said...

Our backup plan for Denver: low energy, fatuous sloganeering.

As for vid, please, be our guest.

Thanks very much, JT.



nathaniel said...

this is a flatout beautiful segment of sound, i wish i had been there. thankyou. Tom, I understand your reasoning for cancelling your tour a few months back, but we'd love to have TLASILA here in north adams, MA, anytime you can.

ommyth said...

Hi Nathaniel,

I felt so rotten after canceling the winter tour... We'd thrown our lot in with a newly hired booking agent, and had high hopes for a successful collaboration. Instead, we saw everything become hopelessly fouled. No one's fault, really, just goddamned fate. But, simultaneously, such a drain...

I'm still feeling raw from the experience.

This time, we're going all out. Fuck it.

Hope you'll have us back in Northampton. Mark Morgan told me that the Sightings/Demons/Moore/etc trip went very well. Wish I could have seen some of those gigs!

Thanks for your very kind words, Nathaniel.



To Live and Shave in L.A. 25th Anniversary Tour: Updated Poster

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