Thursday, March 01, 2007

Attersee, Brus, Nitsch, et al. - Das Berliner Konzert (November 1974)

With great pleasure (and necessarily muted fanfare) we present the second in our ancillary series of ur-rarities. (Ancillary, that is, to the vapor-phase SVOC-emitting, Saleen S7 sharesites roaring the length of the blogobahn.) We're just doing this for the sake of accretion - the more blood-flecked one's phlegm, the fucking merrier.

There's ultimately no way of knowing much of anything, but if instincts are to be trusted, we've a sense you'll enjoy the following:

Christian Attersee, Günter Brus, Hermann Nitsch, Arnulf Rainer, Dieter Roth, Gerhard Rühm, Dominik Steiger & Oswald Wiener - Das Berliner Konzert (November 1974)

(3xLP box, released 1975 via Morra Pari e Dispari / edition h. mayer ST 33 1-6.)

Availability: deceased 32 years.

01 1 (22:29)
02 2 (21:28)

03 3 (22:38)
04 4 (19:02)

05 5 (18:12)
06 6 (25:26)

We're not going to bloviate; it's here, and it's for you. We've already listened to it plenty.

(296 MB, ripped from the original vinyl at 256 kbps, compressed into two RAR files; egregious pops were removed digitally.)

Part One / Part Two

(Links updated May 27, 2010.)

Love Thy Fucking Neighbor,



Swampy Verkooteren said...

Holy shit, thanks for putting this up! I know that stuff like this exists, but I rarely get the chance to get ahold of it. I live in Wisconsin and rarely leave. Slim pickings, some may say. This sure made for a good listen, and I'll be downloading the Munchen Konzert as well...

ommyth said...

Happy you're digging, SV.

Keep in mind that this and the Munich recordings are slowly unfolding aktions, as much performance pieces as they were recitals of newly minted compositions. I most admire the aesthetic remove, the discipline on display here. One can easily draw parallels from late 60s Vienna to late 70s Aarau. You'd find the ever-brilliant Rudolf drooling madly at the near end of the plumb line.


Swampy Verkooteren said...

Have only listened to all three discs a total of once, but will probably repeat that action via headphones at work tommorrow. I can sense how it is an unfolding aktion and that appeals to me. A good atmosphere which actually transfers onto tape. It seems very little modern music of this type can do the same, or perhaps I'm overtly cynical and/or full of shit!

ommyth said...

Well, without tooting my own glockenspiel overmuch, a wee bit o' backstory: after the expulsive excesses of the 1999 tour and the clone/spin-off explosion of 2000, I was impelled to sit at the feet of those most directly affected by and well-versed in the aktionist ethos. I needed to re-think everything... Thus, OHNE, my friendship with Dave Philips, and the fortuitous conjoining that ensued... The lineage is overt, transparent. Of course, Hermann Nitsch is still creating vast sonic canvasses imbued with the spiritual essence of actionism, but if you seek contemporary exponents, look no further than Schimpfluch-Commune: Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock, Rudolf, Dave Phillips, Joke Lanz and Sudden Infant, all Tochnit Aleph-related artists, G*Park, rm74 (in attitude) , Mama Bär... To my mind, these are the most innovative artists around. That I'm occasionally honored to work with them is a colossal bonus...

Listen at your leisure; those mid-70s musical actions were meant to leech into your cerebrum. No bludgeon (or force-feeding) necessary.



Anonymous said...

Could you please put this up again? Many thanks!

ommyth said...

Dear Anon,




Anonymous said...

for related pleasures & treasures check out

Anonymous said...

wow, man, you got them all. so many thanks for putting all this up. you must be living on treasure island. great, great stuff and enormously generous of you

Anonymous said...

Dear TS,

terrfic stuff you have collected, plus really generoulsy sharing it - some of it has been out of print for decades, or sells for hundreds of Euros these days.

You do not happen to have the "Novembersymphony" (1973)by Roth, Ruehm and Wiener as well?

Would be the ultimate bliss...

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