Friday, March 30, 2007

Birthy Half-Day Deadly Spawn!

My son, my lil' doppleganger, Evan, turns 25 today.


He's stationed in Iraq. (He volunteered.)

My heart bleeds...

Can't wait to see you, bro.


Papa Legba


(Evan, checking out a Turkish guide book at his grandmother's Central Florida hacieda in the days prior to my Mediterranean holiday of '05... We're rather shockingly similar in that we love to wander, love to read while wandering, would prefer our libraries walk away from us while we're perusing their contents, etc. Bookworms bound by extrusive genetics.)

(A father's love for a son, expressed through shrei-opera. Evan resists the urge to applaud.)

(Standing to the left of his Iraqi counterpart, my son introduces Freedom Snuff to the Euphrates...)

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Roe said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Evan! All the best to proud papa.


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